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The number one brain killer is stress. There is a study that has investigated the influence of a natural disaster in Canada on children who were still in the womb at the time [8]. I find the results terrifying. At the age of 5, the behaviour of these children differed in that their IQ was significantly lower and language development was further back. A bit of stress now and then is not harmful and can even be good for the child as they learn how to deal with stress.

Avoid permanent stress, i. If the stress is not preventable due to unforeseen events, try to keep yourself out as best you can. Leave the regulation of affairs to others. I know, I know, the old story of breastfeeding again. If you belong to those who already take this to heart, meaning you are lucky and you are able to breastfeed or may already have been doing so for more than 12 months, then congratulations!

All done right, stay tuned! There are still women to whom this has not yet penetrated. Those who consciously decide against breastfeeding. My appeal to these women, despite all the counter-arguments from the family or their own convictions, is to try it anyway. Breastfeeding creates the basis for further life. There she describes very clearly how we humans, by dealing with breastfeeding in our industrialized society and the low birth rates, have less and less chance of learning to breastfeed.

For unlike many other mammals, humans have to copy how to breastfeed from their fellow human beings. We learn from our mothers, sisters, aunts and so on. This is what hospitals are allowed to call themselves, when they have shown to promote the bond between baby and family, and this includes intensive breastfeeding counseling. Did you know that babies who have been carried a lot from the start have been proven to be on average smarter than children who only knew the stroller? This is justified by the fact that babies in the baby sling have a better all-round view.

They are at eye level right from the beginning and realize a lot more from their environment than their counterparts in the stroller, which is more like an isolation cell in comparison. All senses are sharpened. In the stroller, the little one sees only what is right above him and actively turns to him. He cannot actively turn to anyone here in the lying position or draw attention to itself through facial expressions and gestures except through loud noises.

Due to the upright postures in the baby sling and the opportunity to actively participate in her environment , all senses are promoted, which in turn gives a proper boost to the development. In addition, here again, the closeness to the reference person strengthens the bond and creates security.

Personally, I really enjoyed spending time with my baby in the baby sling. Regardless of whether he has a higher IQ or not, I found the security of having my baby warm and sheltered with me, with nothing to compare.

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The carrying has many other positive features e. Important precondition: Please always carry your child face to face. Never carry your baby face out! One reason is the C-curve of babys back, that is only supported by carrying your baby face in. Another important reason ist, that your baby needs a possibility to hide its face to prevent overstimulation. Overstimulation can be harmful to the development of a child. Various studies [10] [11] have shown that children to whom spoken a lot as a baby have a higher vocabulary and are better at reading and writing at school.

But not only the number of words, but also their diversity and interaction with the child questions, facial expressions, gestures , contribute to such children having a higher IQ than a comparison group that does not take this into account. Talk to your baby and toddler. React to his words with gestures, facial expressions and verbal communication. Explain to him, in simple terms, what you are doing right now, that you wrap her, put her pants on right away and you then go out into the park with her.

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There is no shortcut here. Even reading aloud early is a nice way to expand the vocabulary of the child, and also your own. Because in everyday life you often have to deal with the same situations and words. Fun Fact: The parental chanting, talking in baby language , is also a witty invention of nature. The baby language with the long vowels drawn and the high voice make it easier for the baby to recognize and distinguish the individual words and sounds. At Christmas or birthday you give the best toys, but in the end the child prefers to play with the packaging box. Children are curious and creative from birth.

It is precisely these two qualities that are the basic prerequisite for learning new things and part of every child from a very early age. Free play promotes creative problem solving, language acquisition, stress management, social skills and overall cognitive development.

The gaming industry is taking a questionable direction here. For example, it has long been proven that free play promotes the nerve formation of children as strongly as vitamins and protein. Toys that do not require any creativity, because there is only one way to assemble or use them or because the child does not have to think at all, are therefore unsuitable for children.

Nevertheless, the stores are overflowing with such toys. The reason, as is often the case, is quite banal, with free play it is hard to earn money. As a result, there are countless electronic games, DVDs with movies and alleged learning courses already for the baby age. But they all often have only one thing in common, and that is the sometimes pointless distraction of the child and, in the worst case, the awakening of an addiction to the game. On the other hand, every child benefits from the positive effects of free play see box above into adulthood. It assumes that role, fantasy and symbol games are the most useful ways to play [2].

You can provide your child with these things and give them time and space to let his imagination run wild.

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The best way to do this works with other children. And also make sure that your sweetheart consumes as little digital media as possible. This is not easy in our days. Before you try all the bans and rules, you can try the reward principle. Depending on her age, this can happen, for example, by washing up, cleaning up or mowing the lawn.

Kids do have an enormous urge to move, and jump and run, and I often wonder where my little one takes all the energy! Especially from the moment children learn to walk, it is important that they have the opportunity to live out the desire to move every day. The relationship between the body and brain has been largely researched and confirms that exercise, especially endurance sports, has a large positive impact on brain development.

Children who exercise early also often stick with it later in life, struggle less with weight problems and often have benefits in managing stress. Well, if you are already playing sports yourself, this point should not be a problem for you. Children learn best through the role model function and so it is, of course, also with the subject of movement. It is not enough just to animate the children, but we have to participate ourselves.

How about a run through the forest? Depending on your age, you can also make a small competition out of it. Or kite flying in autumn, skiing in winter, cycling and swimming in summer, and and and …. I have already mentioned it in the previous chapter. The digital media and video games are also joined by television. I could write a whole bunch of blog articles about this topic here! But I will summarize the most important influences of television in relation to the development of children.

If you have read up to here, you should quickly realize that a child sitting in front of the TV for many hours a day cannot do some of the aforementioned things. There are still many studies on the influence of television on children. The results are partly controversial or ambiguous.

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There is a lack of long-term studies on the newer constantly changing media such as smartphones. A direct link could be established between television consumption and loss of impulse control aggressiveness.

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I could cite many more studies and research results here, but I would like to leave it at that. The above-mentioned disadvantages speak for themselves. Reduce the consumption of digital media to a minimum and offer alternatives. At best, joint ventures or lecture or game nights.

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Be a role model! I intentionally mention the stress more than once in this article.

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  • But we are also happy to generalize this, because permanent stress, as is well known, leads to an emergency situation in the body, which, it lasts too long , can lead to physical and psychological illnesses that can affect all ages. What can happen especially in infants is shown very clearly by a study of neglected Romanian orphans from [14] and another study of their development after adoption by Canadian families in [15].

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    Political decisions, poverty and homelessness in populations have increased rapidly in Romania since the s. Due to a lack of funds from the orphanages, these children vegetate to the worst. When Western countries became aware of the grievances, many of these extremely neglected children were adopted. The second study cited accompanied Canadian parents several years after adoption. One group developed surprisingly normally. The second group showed many abnormalities , such as eating disorders, diseases, antisocial and aggressive behavior see [2] , p.

    The research showed that only the age at which the children were adopted had this great influence on their later development. Bottom line: The bond the children experience in the first few months is so essential that it decides their whole lives. Stress that the children are exposed to during this time can be processed through a good bond with a loving caregiver. A true story.

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