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By increasing road safety and reducing speeding, we could save up to , lives per year. Defend Dreamers Immigration has been a pressing issue lately and is one that we take seriously! Over , young undocumented immigrants aka Dreamers could be deported pending court decisions and legislation, and over 2, immigrant children have been separated from their families at the U.

Over 69 million young people are eligible to vote in and registering to vote only takes 2 minutes! Since we first launched this campaign in September , 62, members have signed up to run an online voter registration drive. Sincerely, Us Hate crimes against Muslim-Americans have reached alarming levels, and we at DoSomething firmly believe that Muslim-Americans deserve the same respect as any other American. In , we asked our members to make Happy Ramadan cards to send to every mosque in the country, and they certainly stepped up to the plate, making a total of 41, cards.

One item they often request? A pair of jeans. DoSomething members collected over 1 million pairs of jeans, enough to clothe half of all homeless youth in the U. Power to the Period Many of the over 3. In fact, period products are some of the most needed items in homeless shelters across the country. In the firstever national period product drive, members donated , period products. Thumb Wars We know texting and driving is dangerous and dumb. Yet, everyone has a friend of family member who does it anyway.

In fact, 2 in 5 high school students text behind the wheel. Since , over 1 million members have signed up to remind their friends not to text and drive. Love Letters Over Grandparents Gone Wired Loneliness can increase stress levels and, therefore, chances of disease in older adults. But smartphones can help! Members helped 11, older adults learn to text, email, video chat, and use social media! Feeding Better Futures Today, 1 in 8 people on earth struggles with hunger, including 13 million kids and teenagers in America and 2.

So, thousands of young people came up with over a million solutions for our food system addressing issues like food waste, hunger relief, access to healthy food food deserts , and sustainable agriculture. DoSomething members made a huge impact by creating 3, eye-catching bins to encourage friends and family to recycle their empties!

They mailed these beauty and personal care products to TerraCycle, which turns plastics into things like picnic tables, benches, and garden beds! The Gong Stop. If you hear the lovely chime of our beautiful gong it means something BIG is happening. Want to write out a brainstorm on an idea wall? Looking for a soft place to sit and do your work? Need a big hug from a giant bear? Look no further! The Hacienda is our multi-functional corner space best used for a brain break in the form of games, scooters, and a big chill.

Equipped with big blue couches and all our best ideas, the pit is where we gather to socialize, have staff meetings, and watch blooper videos from when Aubrey Graham known to some as Drake was featured in our PSAs. We already know that we are super, and we want our spaces to match! Each of our conference rooms and tools are named after different superheroes or superhero related things.

Our staff return to DoSomething re-energized, equipped with new ideas, and ready to take the org to the next level. ALA is a two-year boarding school for teenagers representing 40 different African countries, and I helped them create a web publication highlighting the writing, photography, and artwork of students, faculty, and alumni. Racial justice and equality are incredibly complex, and each country has a different historical context, is at a different point of progress, and has a different way of moving forward.

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So mostly I learned to listen a lot and to ask questions without bias. It was amazing to 1 be part of a career day for high schoolers in another country 2 see how Indonesian people do business trips and 3 get to travel with a new group of people. Part of what makes DoSomething. We cultivate coworker relationships, boost morale, and have fun by hosting festivities all year round! Host a birthday party. Host a pride party.

During the summer we have a different theme each Friday. We traded in our Flatiron office for hiking and apple picking in Upstate NY! Bootcamps include training sessions, engaging speakers and panel discussions, plus the opportunity to connect with other incredible change-makers in various communities. And free swag, of course! The DoSomething. Backed by proprietary data from our 6 million members, we help clients drive positive social change by generating creative solutions that activate and engage young people. Be smart. Be confident. Be humble. Be forgiving. Be always learning.

Be honest. Be quirky. Be fun. News junkie. Data head. Pop culture aficionado. Celebrate big and small wins equally. We branch out! We work with all kinds of people: corporate partners, marketing partners, press partners, scholarship partners, and celebrities. You don't only need to help strangers, you can help out people that you know. Offer to help them garden, or clean their house. This will put your spare time to good use, give you somebody to hang out with, and you'll be doing something nice for someone else.

Not a bad way to cure your boredom. Method 4. This is a great way to keep your hands busy while your mind focuses on what the teacher or professor is saying. You can also do this at work when you're thinking about what project you should work on next, or if you're just trying to look busy for the boss. Try to out-do one another with fantastic drawings, or add on to one another's drawings, to create something really wild.

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Come up with a creative project. You want to challenge yourself at work or in class and if you're getting bored, you probably aren't being challenged enough. Try to come up with a project that would be challenging and interesting and propose it to your boss or teacher. When you have some free time at work or at school, it's a great time to do a little, subtle organizing. Sometimes this can even help you to find your productivity again.

Clean-up your work area, or school binder. Clean your computer. Clean the screen, clean between the keys. If it used to be white, do your best to carefully restore your computer to its former clean condition. Organize your computer desktop so you can find things. Put pictures in the labelled picture folders and make sure all your documents are in properly labelled folders. If you have some time and you're bored, you can make use of it by meditating.

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  4. This can help calm your mind and get yourself focused on the work ahead of you. It's a great re-energizing tactic. Take deep breaths in and out and pay attention to your breathing. If you feel thoughts come into your head, acknowledge them and let them go. Reading is fun and you could pick up a book, a magazine, or a newspaper. Reading something helps pass the time by giving you something to keep your brain interested.

    Some free time is a great time to try something new. You can usually hide a book beneath some textbook in your class or beneath your desk at work. It makes it look like you're really studying or paying attention to the material, while actually doing something a lot more fun. Read a mystery and try to guess the solution before the detective, or try some fantasy or science fiction.

    Look into something nonfiction or spiritual, philosophical, paranormal, or even holy topics like Bible , or the Qur'an. Check out what books you can get from the library and pick them up on your way to or from your work or class. Some libraries even have online databases where you can check out a book without having to leave your house or work! Learn something new. Having some free time is a great moment to learn something new and interesting. Then you can impress your friends and family.

    Learn how to do magic , discover how to breathe fire , or how to make chainmail! Surf the internet. If you have your computer in front of you, you can use it to go online and surf the internet. Just make sure that you won't be caught by your boss or your teacher. You can use this time to amuse yourself or to learn something new. Go on something like Craigslist or eBay and find the weirdest thing you possibly can. Post it on your Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr account. Go on Instagram , Facebook, or Vine.

    Upload photos, share stories, check out other people's posts and photos. Watch random YouTube videos. Pick comedy ones if you want a lift, choose viral ones for entertainment and to stay trendy. Use Pinterest. Choose a topic you like and make a board for it, add pictures you like. Or look at other people's pictures. Chat with a coworker. Sometimes the best way to amuse yourself when you're bored is to enter into conversation with someone else. Pick someone you don't know that much about and ask them about themselves where they are from?

    You might even make a new friend. Method 5. Okay, so you can't agree on anything. Pick one thing you want to do and combine it with something your friend wants to do.

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    Say you want to watch a movie and your friend wants to make a new game,so, what you can do is you can make the game while watching a movie or make the game and then watch a movie about game maker or whatever you want to. Listen to music. Maybe there's something in your favorite song that will inspire you. This may seem like an odd idea, but try it! Try a song that describes something familiar to you, and work from there. This can turn into a calorie-laden habit, but cook something with your friend. Then, work off the extra calories in a workout.

    Eating when you're bored isn't a bad habit if you work it off, especially if you eat healthy food. But if you're going to exercise, make sure to hydrate properly before, and you can turn the exercise into a game! Bike-race your friend, or just run and race your friend. Don't get carried away here.

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    If you're in a crowded place, this is perfect. Dare your friend to go up to a stranger and ask if he or she would like your leftover lemonade, for example. If you're at school, a perfect way to make lunch more interesting is to dare a couple friends to sit at a different table, with a few or their enemies or the opposite gender, and act natural about it.

    Create a dance routine with a friend. First, pick a good song, then pick your moves, and last, create your costume. Then pick a date to perform your dance routine and practice it daily! What should I do when I am bored and don't have a friend to play with? Try playing a game on your computer, reading a book, or drawing a picture. You can also get more crafty, and try making origami, a candle, or even bake a cake! Yes No. Not Helpful Helpful You could draw, paint, read, build a fort out of cushions or even just tidy your room!

    What would you do when it's very late and you can't sleep, but are still bored? You could go on a digital device but download the app twilight because it takes out the blue screen which keeps you awake at night. Or, read, write in a journal, knit, stretch, color in, etc. You can read, go for a walk, explore your community, volunteer, listen to or make music, work on an art project or hang out with friends. Not Helpful 73 Helpful Get creative. Do an art project. Play outside or invite a friend over or play with siblings.

    You could also bake or try out new looks for yourself. The options are endless. You can read, draw, write, make crafts, play with some toys by yourself, play pretend by yourself, play with a pet, do some exercise, listen to music, sing, dance, watch TV, use the computer or an electronic device, play video games Not Helpful 38 Helpful Try to do something that suits your interests and lets you work with what you've got, like inventing a game with your friends.

    Or make up a new game, such as one with elements of dodgeball, baseball, football, and basketball; you can perfect the rules over time. And try distancing yourself from technology when bored -- it's better for your brain and creativity. Reading, coloring, drawing, watching TV, hanging out with friends for the most part.

    There is a lot of stuff you could do that doesn't involve making a mess. It depends a lot on your interests. Try to go outside and get some fresh air. You could also go to the park or invite a friend over. You can even just walk around the neighbourhood. If you have a sibling or a friend over, just go outside, explore, play games or sports, and most importantly have fun!!

    There are several things you can do with your brother to alleviate boredom. If you have access to board games or video games, play them together. If not, you can try to make up an imaginary game or go play outside together. Not Helpful 17 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Challenge yourself: do something you thought you never could do before.

    Look for things around the house that will give you an idea of what to do. Ex: If you saw a pencil, it could inspire you to write. Write a book or create a song. It will be fun and you can publish or perform what you made.

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    Do something to keep your mind busy, like writing down all the 50 states in the USA in under 3 minutes. Invite a friend over or go to a friend's house. Sometimes if you have a pencil you can make beats! It's really fun and you can do contests to see who the best pencil beater is! Just make sure that if you're at school, you don't annoy the teacher.

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    Make a bucket list and do the things with a friend or sibling. Be as creative as you like. Make something from Pinterest or Tumblr, it could be fun and there are thousands of projects on those websites. Search for tongue twisters and try to say them! Go shopping with your friends or family and take your friends or family to a meal example: subway, McDonald's, KFC or maybe a restaurant. If you have a crush write down a list of stuff that you want to do with them. If you have an enemy make a list of ways to prank them so bad it hurts their soul. If you are really bored you can pick your favourite song, and you and a friend s , or just you, could make a song or dance.

    It's really fun, siblings or not! You can just get creative and write a story. You can try annoying people or playing pranks on people. Try playing games that involve strategy to keep you from being bored. Fishing and hiking with someone. Take a nap if tired. Good way to pass time! Play a favorite video game like under tale if you don't have the devices, then play a board game or do puzzles.

    Cut up a magazine and hang fun quotes, pictures and memes on your wall!