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The idea behind the Reedsy Book Editor was to democratize high-quality book production. With that in mind, we built a tool that is: a completely free, b accessible through every device and browser, and c involves no learning curve whatsoever. Now, when it comes to typesetting for print, there are very specific rules which tend to require a certain learning curve. You need to take into account things like margins, spacing, indents, images, widows, orphans….

How to Format Ebooks in Word

The Reedsy Book Editor takes care of all these issues automatically. For the author, this means two things:. All these typesetting decisions are controlled by the software based on the template you select, a feature noted by indie author Tara Holladay when she used the Reedsy Book Editor for her novel Hiding Haelo.

All the paragraphs indented properly without hidden tabs. The alignment was uniform throughout unless I needed specific sections aligned differently, which only took one click: really easy to do. Okay, this is probably the one frustrating step left in the process.

Why Use Word to Format Ebooks Anyway?

Importing your book to the Editor requires you to copy-and-paste your book a chapter at a time. The software retains most of your formatting bolding, italics, etc. Once you have your entire book in there, you can go through it and apply any final touches using the formatting bar — which automatically appears when you highlight text. At this stage, you can also drag and drop images, write captions, or add endnotes.

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The sidebar of the Reedsy Book Editor is separated into 3 sections: the front matter, the body, and the back matter. Just enter your title, author name, ISBN, publisher information, logo, description, and then all of the front matter and first level metadata is done for you. This is the fun part.

We like to think of this as a positive because you can access it from almost any device and browser through your Reedsy account. If you want to produce a cookbook or a coffee-table book, we would not recommend the Reedsy Book Editor.

Keep your readers engaged with professional eBook formatting starting at $299.

You can insert images, but you will have trouble arranging text around them. This higher level of design complexity needs to be handled properly with software like InDesign. As I mentioned earlier, only a few templates are available for now. But on the other hand, our existing templates including their fonts have been designed by professional typesetters based on widely-used industry standards.

But if you want to export or customize your. Feel free to share your case studies via the comments box! Publishing: 5 Top Tips for Formatting Ebooks. ALLi author Sandra Schwab reports on the encouraging news that a self-published auhor has won one…. Most indie authors will at some point commission third-party services to help them make their books….

When creating a manuscript of short stories in Libreoffice Writer, for self-publishing, what I do for first page of every story is Manually space down 6 spaces from top of page for title of each story. Type in title of story. Then center title.

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Then, 2 spaces down for text of story. Or, can this be set up automatically for each story? Fro me, the Reedsy editor is not what, in the startup world, we refer to as an MVP — a minimum viable product, or the least that you want to go to market with.

First, Ditch What You Don’t Need

Consider cost and timings for publication, as well as options for updates later as there will be an inevitable typo or two! You'll need to book formatting in advance as professionals are always busy. Rates may change over time, so please check the formatter's site for up-to-date pricing. My personal choice for ebook and some print formatting is Vellum. It's Mac only sorry! I never thought I'd say that! Click here to watch my tutorial on how to use Vellum to format an ebook and a print book.

How to format your ebook

Book Design Templates — brilliant design templates that will you do it yourself with a step by step guide. Click here to check out their options. They also have book cover design and marketing professionals and use an extensive vetting process so you can be sure of the quality. Ebook Launch — professional ebook and print book formatting. Thanks for checking them out! Guido Henkel — author of Zen of Ebook Formatting. Guido also formats for authors.

Indie Book Designer , for print and ebook. GunBoss — Dean helped me with one of my non-fiction print interior designs. Lighthouse24 — Interior book design and cover design. Mark Coker's recommended list for Smashwords formatting. Many of these will also format for Kindle and ePub as well for Smashwords.

Jane Dixon Smith Jane does my own interior book design for print. Polgarus Studio Ebook and print formatting. Professional and great turnaround. BookBaby formatting. BookBaby is a services company who offer a lot of different packages at reasonable prices. If you are particularly tech-challenged and need more personal help, it might be a good option for you.

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If you have print books from previous publishing adventures that you need converting into Word for re-editing and re-publishing, they also have a scanning option. Susan Daffron Production and Design. Hazel Lau at Kindle Station. Audria Wooster at Design by Indigo. Over 20 years' experience. Candescent Press.