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The Practice section integrates the market-proven LearnSmart platform with the reading experience. Here, students are asked a series of questions to identify their level of understanding of the material they have just read. By requiring students to judge their own level of confidence A in understanding each question, as well as tracking a number of other metrics, SmartBook can adapt highlighting and questioning to tailor each study session to the student.

This provides productive and efficient study sessions that ultimately ensure each unique student reaches complete understanding of the required materials. Based on the general notion that people forget things over time, SmartBook identifies the content that students are most likely to forget and when! By using the Recharge A feature throughout the term, students will effectively retain the material they have learned.

By revisiting content that is most likely to be forgotten at that moment in time, students use SmartBook as a highly personalized study partner that is proven to increase knowledge retention. Students and instructors have access to a full suite of reports in order to track progress, identify areas where additional time could be spent, evaluate metacognitive awareness, and more.

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For me, that was the icing on the cake. Now all Richard needed was a model to validate his idea in 3 dimensions. Tall order if you are not in your normal work environment. Two days later, I received yet another call from Richard. Now he was in Los Angeles. There was very little chit chat, he went straight to work.

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I really had no idea how to respond to that one. How could that be possible I thought? He must have just arrived in California. He told me of being at a cocktail party while in Gloucester, where he mentioned to a friend that he was working on a secret design project. He described how interesting the project was, but that he was frustrated by not being able to get a model built of the idea he had conceived the night before.

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He was in desperate need of a model. What followed is one of the most incredible strokes of luck ever. His friend suggested that he discuss his need with one of the guests at the party who amazingly enough makes violins and other such instruments. It was reported that he had an elaborate woodworking shop and the skills to match.

Surely he could make such a model. After a brief introduction, Richard met him at his shop the next day where he masterfully directed the shaping of a raw block of olive wood into what would become the first model of Skylight. Using the kitchen table at his son's house and old-school drawing tools, Sapper then created a series of cross sections that were sent back to his studio assistant in Milan.

His goal was to create computer generated 3D data and a highly accurate stereo lithography model for his immediate review when he returned to his studio. His plan worked. Once in Milan, he made several revisions to the form and interior leaving just enough time to create a more detailed model for the final review that was now scheduled for December 19th. There was little margin for error. On December 15th Sapper again called to say that the model would be finished as promised but that he had no idea how to get it to Raleigh in time for the meeting.

There was even some concern expressed about having adequate time for the paint to cure. More on that later. We immediately exercised all various options to get the model from Milan to the meeting but none were very promising. The final solution was to send Robert Enochs to Milan on the 18th to hand carry it back the following morning.

Robert, who actually wrote the original marketing requirements document, eagerly agreed to the plan as though he had a choice. After landing in Malpensa, Robert took a taxi to his hotel in Milan, freshened up, and then headed to Sapper's studio a few blocks away. Richard met him on the street in front of his studio, where he suggested they head to La Torre di Pisa for a nice Risotto dinner before visiting the model maker's shop. It was nearly PM Milan time. Once at the model shop Robert saw the models, yes there were two, one a beautiful shade of red and the other black.

Black was eventually replaced by a nice rich blue. We had enough black computers. Enochs was immediately impressed by how unique the design appeared and equally by how sticky the paint was. It seems there was a paint compatibility issue that never allowed the paint to fully dry. Sapper's normal painter was already out on holiday. Richard had to scramble to find someone to paint the model. He ended up hiring a rather inexperienced painter that he had never used before.

I seem to recall that Richard even had to buy him the paint gun at a local hardware store.

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I guess that should have been a warning sign. The models were placed into a clever box of Sapper's design and Robert headed back to the hotel for a few hours of sleep before catching the morning flight to the states. I called Robert when he returned to the hotel to get his impression of what he saw. He was at a loss for words but groggily described it as "well…VERY unique". It was well after midnight when Robert called it a day. On Friday evening in Raleigh the executive team anxiously awaited the arrival of Robert Enochs and the model.

His plane was about an hour late due to weather issues and people were getting rather anxious. Once Robert landed, he called us on his cell phone to give us a turn by turn status of his continued progress towards Lenovo headquarters. At about PM his car was spotted from the design center windows pulling into the parking lot. We were more than ready to see it. Sapper was standing by on the phone to discuss any of the details concerning his work.

It was well past midnight Milan time. The cleverly designed Baltic birch box was carefully opened and the models were revealed. Immediately, the reaction was extremely positive, people loved what they saw. Sapper had delivered on the challenge beyond any of our expectations.

The most immediate issue was how we were going to remove the bubble wrap texture that had now become impregnated into the forever-sticky paint.

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The finish looked a lot like a well worn alligator. It was pretty clear that the only alternative was to photograph the models and remove the alligator pattern in Photoshop. Since this all had to take place before Monday we needed a photographer and Photoshop expert the next morning.

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Not easy to get that done unless your son is a photographer home for the weekend. Who else do you call at midnight to do a photo shoot the next morning? He was more than willing to help and did an expert job of saving the paint disaster. Thanks Eric. There was far more to do following this pivotal meeting, but the most important hurdle had been crossed. We had a really marvelous design concept.