Chapter 6 Freedom and the Future (Ive Got Heart; The Adventures of Conrad Von Supertramp)

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Last Saturday we broke the attendance record with 35, people. That's how big it is out there. We got 5 CD's out with Willie. The first one we did That was a real hoot. He's such a great guy. We do Farm Aid with him almost every year. He sing polkas with us. You know what's funny, before he was a country singer, he started in a polka band That's where I got the idea to ask him to do some recording with us.

He did it and loved it They perform with our band, playing polka music. We once took 50's and 60's music and made them into polkas. We called it "Shake Rattle and Polka. The original singer, Frankie Ford. Rounder records said "Why don't you get the original guy? So I called directory assistance.

I got the number He said "I know exactly who you are because I watch you all the time on television. I told him when and he was there. How did you enjoy playing Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center? We did very well at both places. We had a few logistic issues at Carnegie Hall but the performance and sound was great. For more information on Jimmy Sturr visit his website.

Patrick Moraz is a keyboardist, best known to have been a member the of progressive rock groups, "Yes" and "The Moody Blues". Originally from Switzerland, Patrick was exposed to musical greats such as Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Yehudi Menuhin, and others at a young age due to his father's involvement in the entertainment field.

Starting out with the violin, he quickly switched to the piano and progressed all the way through the Swiss Conservatory of Music in Lausanne. Having tested many genres like blues, boogie woogie, jazz and rock, Patrick wound wind up winning local music contests and eventually formed a band with members of "The Nice" after Keith Emerson left to form ELP. This eventually led Patrick to join "Yes" and "The Moody Blues" and have a wonderful creative career that continues to this day. I recently had an in depth conversation with Patrick. How are you today? I know I don't have one. The last two days have been fantastic with the weather because we've had rain for eight or nine weeks straight before that.

Mind you, we always need the rain. What part of Florida are you in? How did you wind up in Florida? The University has about a million square feet and they have a great educational system for recording, video, engineering, programming and all multimedia. It was one of the very best studios in Florida at the time and of course, is even more sophisticated now! Most importantly, Joseph was an avid collector of keyboards and had at the time about of them. I'm very happy to say that I had a fantastic time.

After that, we decided to move from Orlando towards the sea However I'm still traveling quite a lot and my wife and I devote a lot of our time to being in Los Angeles, the rest of the United States and Switzerland. I have a copy of it and I have to say, I've been listening to it over and over again and I think it's fantastic! For an instrumental record, there's quite a bit happening on it.

There's some nice players on it also. Was that just something you and your friend Greg Alban wanted to do? There was a very good dance band playing that night and that is where I discovered Greg and an excellent bass player by the name of John Avila, who later went on to play with Oingo Boingo. I was preparing my "Time Code" album during this time and I was going to be recording three tracks at The Record Plant which was the best studio in LA.

Greg and I stayed in contact over the years and became good friends. We always found the time to jam together either when I was visiting Los Angeles or when I was residing in there. I just happen to be able to be in the position to produce the album and also finance it. The material became so clear, so good, and so enticing, I decided to go many times to Los Angeles to pursue the album.

The work was done in a very good studio we were using called "Total Access" in Torrance, California. The owner is a great veteran engineer by the name of Wyn Davis who has a long history with all kinds of bands and genres of music, not only instrumental music. It was really a pleasure to work with Greg on this project and also to be able to choose some of the players that we wanted to play with, i. He played on 5 or 6 of the tracks excellently. It was a very, very good addition to the orchestration and to the arrangements.

It was a perfect mix. Instrumental music is not for everyone. When I listened to it the first time, I enjoyed it and I immediately put it on again. I've had it for about two weeks now, and since then I've must have played it for about seven times. I just like it and enjoy it.

I don't know what else I can say about it. I think the writing on it is fantastic. The songs flow from one to the next. As a whole entire package it just seems to work. His bass playing is absolutely unbelievable! I recorded a several pieces with him a few months ago, which are going to be on a new album with a group I have formed over there. He's a very good friend of mine. Every time we go to LA, we make a point to visit with him and his wonderful family.

He's got a cool place that used to be owned by one of the engineers who did some recordings for Michael Jackson when Quincy Jones was producing him on Dangerous and Thriller. Also, when my father was very young in his early 20's for several years he worked for Paderewski who was the best known pianist out of Poland at the time. He was world renowned for playing Chopin and composing his own music. Paderewski was also Prime Minister of Poland in exile in Switzerland, in Morges, the very town where later, I was born.

He was traveling around Europe at the time on a special train which could carry four grand pianos. I got my first violin from him, which I still have. I started to play when I was about 3, for several years. I started the piano by myself just listening to big bands and the music of the 50's. My dad was managing community buildings which would have a cinema, a theater with swing bands and a few restaurants with banquet rooms. At the town where I was born in Morges Switzerland, they had a casino and that's where I started to play music. Then we also lived in the North of Switzerland where they call it "The Ice Bowl" in the winter because it is so cold.

It was so cold that sometimes in the rooms where I was playing, the strings of my violin would be full of ice. I enjoyed listening to music but I realized the piano was really more my instrument. I used to hide under the grand piano when the big bands were playing. One day the director of the big band noticed me and he took me under his wing. The first thing he showed me was how to play boogie-woogie and the blues. He told me all of the rules of the 12 bar blues. I got into all this music of the time and also before that, like New Orleans, Dixieland and so on.

Eventually I got to be part of different amateur groups and bands and developed my skills. I was enrolled in The Conservatory of Music in Lausanne which is not far from the town where I was born. She held Master classes every month at the Conservatory. One day she noticed me and she asked me a question in front of all the advanced students about counterpoint and other music theory subjects, and I could explain it.

Not really by words but I could play it on the piano. She asked me if I could improvise a little piece, and I came up with something on the spot. They were very impressed and she let me attend all of her master classes after that. In Geneva and in Paris, I used to work as an assistant to a musician who used to work for Pierre Boulez. I would help with the partitions and so on. Also with Xenakis and Stockhausen. I was near all of these people. Anyhow, I don't see how anyone can be qualified to judge what Pete and Roger have decided. It sure as hell can't be easy to lose a friend you have know for almost 40 years!

Much less, a day before a tour is set to begin. My prayers with them. How come nobody ever judged Rick, Levon and Garth continuing without Richard and picking up Blondie Chaplin to finish their commitments in early! I don't know, but I feel it's shallow to judge. Who on earth could replace the Ox, I wonder? I'm sure he woulda wanted the show to go on WHO on earth, indeed Listening to that Rick Danko boot the other night made me think that someone in TV network-land shoulda given Rick his own show What a holy host he was I'm ambivalent about the tour, and had no intention to go to any shows anyway because I think the Who weren't the Who after Moon died, even though I saw them in and loved it as an uncritical high school kid.

Starting the tour so soon after JW's death is strange to me, though. I know lots of people won't agree with me, but the Stones still feel like the Stones to me on their tours, they don't disappoint, but the Who lost it long ago. None of this dampens my admiration for Townshend and the late John Entwistle.

John was a unique songwriter with a special sense of humor that balanced Townshend's tendency toward melodrama and self pity. In the end I think it's good that the show will go on for all the ticket buyers, as long as Pete and Roger act their age. For me, Springsteen is the model of how a true rocker can stay credible as he moves into his fifties--he's not peddling nostalgia, but he's not giving up what made him great, either. We sell amateur erotic photos. The price from 0. I guess for the rest of us, we don't give up our careers if a coworker dies.

Of course, that is a bit of a stretch, but apparently Roger and Pete don't think so. I can only assume the best of intentions in the decision to go on with the this tour. There seems to be many professional musicians who frequent this 'GB' and I can only guess, myself, as to the major dilemmas you might face in canceling such a tour virtually on the day of inception. I cannot imagine the process Pete and Rodger must have gone through to come to this decision.

Televised Paranoia

I myself greatly admired Johns mastery of his craft and dedication to his kind. I being one say, go do it for John Entwistle, as a tribute to a great musician The Who Tour Unbelievable, I guess this keeps the string alive about bands that keep touring without key members. Pete recently said the only reason he does these tours is as a favor for John and Roger who have always had money problems. Maybe the have contract obligations, lots of people took working the tour as their job this summer, who knows.

I guess Ill think the best. Click the link for info. Entered at Fri Jun 28 The original tracks just finished. I'm trying to think of another album that struck me with the awe and delight of this one. Springsteen's Born To Run had something of the effect, but it was a different kind of delight. The sounds of both were so outstanding - BTR is heavily produced, but the production does not overpower the songs, and manages to be anthemic and at the same time hark back to simpler studio technique.

Big Pink of course used fairly simple recording techniques even for the time, but never sounds dated. I've been listening to Howlin' Wolf Chess 50 Anniversary cd. Now there's some primitive recording. The drums sound like they are in the next room and made of cardboard. It all hangs together, and the raw sound is right for the songs and the voice, but it sounds like an earlier recording.

But Big Pink just does not dated, or of its time. It seems out of time - just there, all of a piece, the sounds and songs and voices. Nice image Bob Wigo.

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There might be some evening T storms here tonight. I just wanted to say that this is the best web site period on music that I have come accross. I've been into The Band for only a few years I'm 24 which is sad since I am canadian and they are without a doubt the best mostly canadian band Canada has produced. I have to say though that as much as I love the rest of the guys the American is my favorite. Levon Helm's passion is inspiring. I just finished watching "The Last Waltz" for about the 10th time in a couple of weeks.

If you arent' moved by these guys soul, then check for your pulse. I was thinking the other day and decided quickly if I was stuck listening to one band for the rest of my life it wouldn't be The Beatles, The Stones, Zepplin, Springsteen, Cash or anyone else. It would be The Band. Thank you for the site, and thanks to The Band for the music and so much more. May he rest in peace. It seems like all the great rock musicians from the 60's are starting to leave us.

I'm just glad that three of The Band members are still around and enjoying life. Early in his career, Mr. It's funny how the family trees of the so-called "country rock" west coast groups like the Byrds, Burritos, Poco, Eagles, et al. You can keep up with the talented Gene Parsons through his cleverly-named website at www. Thanks to Bumbles Thanks for the assist Bumbles, as I said I was going from memory, and alas my memory isnt perfect. I was thinking as hated as Baitlan was by Byrd fans it would be strange to see him in a Byrds band at a later date.

Anyone know what Gene Parson is up to? A very underrated drummer who actually designed some of the guitars that Clarence WHite played. I know this string popped up before, but why is it nobody has problem 1, including me, with Levon, Garth and Rick going out without RIchard and Robbie. I'm guessing just the love for the group outweighs any concerns. Gene, Michael and Skip toured as a tribute band, although I was always pretty sure that was Gene's doing.

As I said I was always under the assumption that there was an agreement between Chris, Gene, Dave and Roger not to use the Byrds name unless everyone was there. An Agreement that Michael didnt seem to be all that interested it keeping. But my original statement hold, the fact 3 long time Byrds members toured as a tribute group showed a lot of class, what Michael did by himself is something else all together. It seems somewhat ironic that the only original member who didnt have a significant impact on the group would be the one who did that.

One thing Ive noticed in the Who strain is the amount of people who comment on the live aspect of the group. I always felt the came off much better live, perhaps ragged is the better word, their studio recording seemed far too polished and clean for the almost beastial live act they were.

And I use Beastial in a very positive way. My son is 19 and he has listened to The Band since he was just small. He loves Garth's Hudson not Brooks playing and was always fasinated with the over all raw sound of their albums. Whether or not I can get him to post a message is the question. I'll see if I can get him to. You'd like him he's a good guy.

Like or dislike The Who there is no denying the wonderful dynamic that was Keith Moon's unique style and Entwistle's powerful yet melodic bass lines. If my memory serves me well he contributed some pretty nice french horn parts as well. The next thunderstorm we hear will likely be a bit more musical than any we've heard before. John Entwistle I had the pleasure to see the Who at Offenfeld? They were supporting the quadraphenia movie and this was their second of 3 scheduled concerts.

These were the first post Keith shows and the first was at Webley, Uk and the 3rd at the Cannes film festival in France. Kenny Jones was the drummer and I guess hadn't had the time to rehearse the whole Who cataglog. After 2 encores the group comes out for one more song and Townshend or Daltrey annnounces " We've run out of songs that Kenny knows, please bear with us" or something to that affect. They then rip into "My Wife" and I don't know or care who sang the song on the album, but I do know, on that summer night in south Germany, John Entwistle did the honors and sent us on our way.

Ox Entered at Fri Jun 28 John Entwhistle and Timothy White The most emotional and powerful concert I ever witnessed was a Who concert the week after 11 people were trampled to death at one of their concerts in Cincinnati. Daltry and Townshend were their usual frantic selves Moon was already dead but Entwhistle was solid and precise--the anchor that held the whole thing down.

He'd step up to the mike for "Boris the Spider" or "My Wife," but otherwise he was back there making the show tick, sort of like the Wizard of Oz behind his curtain. He was a fine writer and I have heard good things about him personally from an old friend who is the Washington, DC correspondent for the magazine.

May they both rest in peace. We are lucky to have their work to remember them by. One of my prized possessions is the original 45 with picture sleeve featuring Ralph Steadman art for "Happy Jack. Your post about the Flatlanders may be considered Band related. They played several workshops together, including one on new songs featuring Butch and Rick. Entwhistle Ive been close friends with a couple of brothers for many of years, and they peppered me with their devotion of the Who for far to long. But even through all that I had to admire the Ox, you see Ive been playing the Bass for a lot of years, and no matter if I decided I could live the rest of my life without hearing Wont Get Fooled Again another time, I never lost sight that Entwhistle was one hell of a great bass player.

The man could flat out play the Bass, the only guy I ever saw who could rival his playing was Jack Bruce, but even Bruce didnt have his flair. So here is to you Thunderfingers, even though I dont need to hear Behind Blues Eyes ever again in this lifetime, I'd watch those fingers of yours work that fret any day of the week. And while Im at it I bought the Flatlanders CD the day it came out, heck I was camped out Borders waiting for it to open, and it is truly wonderful.

Yes, indeed that is Mr. John Entwistle singing the lead on "My Wife", one of the many great songs he penned. The rock world lost a true pioneer today, and one of it's finest bassists. Rest in peace, Thunderfingers. You are all forgiven! I woulda thought a band with members of The Byrds and Rick Danko woulda been great to see and hear.

I heard it was his 60th birthday gig and had read how all these rock'n'roll stars were at the one in St. Well, it seems Chuck picked his own superstar band that night Cut to and I got to open for the Kinks here in Cork City I told the great bassist that I'd seen him play with Chuck Berry in NYC in '86 and he feigned embarassment and put his hands over his eyes and said said "Woah! You were AT that gig? I dont think either Gene or Michael had fallen on hard times, although I cant swear to this. Michael had been in both Parson Burrito Brothers and the Light Rock outfit Firefall in the years after the Byrds, so I doubt either were wondering where there next meal was coming from.

But the biggest reason I dont see it as a farce is how the billed it, 2 original members, plus Skip Baitlan who played bass on I think 4 Albums, could have legitimately been called themselves the Byrds. But unlike every other time a couple former members have regrouped, other than Plant and Paige, they didnt bill themselves as the group but rather a tribute.

To me that showed a ton of class, nothing ticks me off more than going to some club to see the Lovin Spoonful and the drummer and thee guys Ive never seen are on stage. I have a feeling after the album there might have been a handshake agreement not to use the name without everyone there though. The Hillman, Clark and McGuinn released albums together under a name other than the Byrds seems to indicate that as well. As for the current Byrds group that doesnt have a single members who ever played on a Byrds album, ive been told somehow they bought the rights to the name from Michael Clarke's widow, although Im not sure of that.

I just posted that Who link just the other day. Scroll down and check it out. Way too sad in retrospect. John and Rick My two favorite bass players of all time. Trust me, not many my age listen to this great music. What hurts me the most is that I will never get the chance to see either live. God bless both of 'em. One question to any "Who fans on here. Does John sing lead on "My Wife". I thought it was John but have read in places it was Roger. Robert Blake Trivia Answer is An investigation was under way into the cause of death, he added. The Who, known for such hits as "My Generation," "Pinball Wizard" and "Won't Get Fooled Again," were scheduled to begin their three-month tour in a small club at the hotel.

Original drummer Keith Moon died of an accidental pill overdose in In addition to playing bass, Entwistle helped out on backing vocals. His songwriting contributions to The Who were sporadic, mostly limited to a few album tracks and B-sides. He released a half-dozen solo albums. Entwistle, who was born in the London suburb of Chiswick on Oct. The band ultimately took shape in and made an immediate impression with its "Mod" stylings and its expensive habit of trashing all its stage equipment after each set.

Sadly, there was another Rock and Roll death today, Timothy White, editor in chief at Billboard magazine and a great journalist, passed away from a heart attack at Anyone who's read Billboard can remember his great articles.

11-10-2018 - thursday

John Entwhistle So I get home from work and skim my usual boards and see, John Entwhistle, has passed away? What the heck happened? John was not that old. This is very sad. That was filmed in Victorville,California the town I was born. That's bummer news about John Entwhistle,,,I believe The Who were just about to start a 22 show tour any day now. What was the name of the movie and soundtrack album that had a huge fold-out motorcyle poster in it?

The winner gets to dream up the next question? But that doesn't mean something didn't happen. Damn, I hope not!!! Is it sick or what? Since it's Capitol Records, is The Band next? I sure as hell hope not!!!

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They are now trying to rewrite history. I'm curious about everyone's opinions on this subject. John Entwhistle died today. The only member of The Who I liked. Twilight's post has me completely discombobulated. Is The Ox gone? I went to a few websites, but didn't see anything about it. Gee, I hope it's misinformation. My prayers and thoughts go out to Entwistle family. It's a good film all around.

Blake has also taken little bit roles and parts that would have been nothing to practically any other actor and made them shine like jewels in the sun! The sure sign of a quality actor. I own the one that's about 30 years old also. I was so disapointed that "Paint Yourself" wasn't there! Sorry for rattlin' on.. John Entwistle just bummin about the loss of one of my favorite bass players.

Anyway, it's from May 16, in Evansville, IN. David Powell, are you interested? So many great song's on this Cd. I especially enjoy JWB's, version of the "Weight". Mavis Staples, singing lead vocals, adds so much for me! My all time favorite song will always be, "Hidden in Plain Sight". The words to that songs, has so meaning. Of course, this is the only song that seems to skip on my Cd player!

Another great Cd, is Van's "Down the Road". Van, proves once again, that he still has it! I just ordered "Whispering Pine's", and often wished that Richard and Van would of had that opportunity to do a record together! Oh, just to hear Van and Richard singing, Georgia together! This is one summer for some great music, great show's, and great friends! Dave Z,,,,,lost ya E address! Be glad to assist with road trip! I hope Robbie puts Paint Yourself, the Trudell number, on his box set Meanwhile, I have been enjoying this extremely hot n' muggy MN weather Not a bad song on it I think I like this version of Remedy better than the Band's take on it I'm looking forward to the Crowmatix one when it comes out I'm eyeing it up if I can find a relatively cheap way to get there from MN I really didn't see your posts about the Dylan movie I admit my attention span hasn't been at full capacity.

The film does sound interesting though.. I'm all scooby-dood out: You know my very favorite Norwegian is now David Powell, nice assemblage! What can I do to get a copy of that? Rick and Richard are in fine form, and do a handful of Band songs in addition to helping out on the Byrds chestnuts. Hey, I think I just answered the trivia question from a couple of posts ago! If you want to do a trade, David, drop me an email at: I tried to get a mix of both instrumental and vocal cuts along with some superb guest vocalist cameos.

With a few exceptions, I think it's basically in chronological order. Levon was working with Tim Wilson doing two projects. One was an oldies, which may have been titled "Atlanta to Memphis". I've lost contact with everyone, and just discovered this website. If anyone has knowledge of this, please let me know. I have the Ya Ya soundtrack album, and it's good. T-Bone is quite obviously doing a cajun version of his "O Bro.

T-Bone's ex-Alpha Band partner David Mansfield is co-credited with doing the movie's music, but not the soundtrack album. I recommend the album, but not the movie -- although I've not even seen the film myself. I understand the theaters are denying admission to anyone bearing a pair of testicles. Indeed, if you go, Viney, I think you'll find yourself more accepted if you show up in drag. The new Louisiana Red album is supposed to have a photo inside of Red getting the key to the city of Woodstock, as Muddy got when he did his Woodstock album.

But the photo shows a plaque being presented to Red which says in full: Couldn't Woodstock do better than a chintzy "Good Luck" plaque? By the way, whoever Red's got drumming on that album is sure hot! Just bein' feisty -- lighten up! Alfalfa's Connection to The Band Dr. I will watch "In Cold Blood" again. To be honest with you I remember the book more than the movie.

Can't remember Robert Blake in the movie. You are right about him being most noted for that lousy cop series he was in. As far as age I don't know how old you are and I am still trying to figure out how young I am. Spanky was kind of lame IMO. As far as Robbie goes, you are right he is making a helluva lot more money than the rest of the guys. I think that is the big issue. The Adirondack Line Not necessarily Band related I am planning a trip in the fall and would really appreciate any recommendations you might offer.

The new Dylan movie that is being filmed right now, is the best news in a long time. I am delighted that a film with strong female characters was mentioned. I did see the film as all good Southern girls should and I thought the music was excellent Ashley Judd is outstanding as the young Vivian. With Richard also on this song, it makes it even better. Best Regards to all GB'ers! SPIN always have Band related stuff early. Haven't seen the "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" yet- it was on in Orlando, but with jet-lag I didn't fancy my chances of staying awake through a late night movie so will wait for the UK release.

I was thrilled that they had some new music and thought I would share the news. It is a "Guitar Player" magazine with Robbie on the cover. What is so special about it is the fact that it's Rick's subscription copy with label intact! Sent to his old Malibu address. Guns — Hollywood Vampires L. De Falla — El sombrero de tres picos — El amor brujo M. Rex — Unchained — Unreleased Recordings Vol. Rex — Unchained Vol. Rex — T. Album Marvelous 3 — ReadySexGo! Disc I Metallica — Garage Inc. Singles — 4 4 Motown — Hitsville U. President — A Kind Of… Best!

Olympic — The Best Of Olympic cd. Shostakovich — Piano and Chello Concertos P. Carlos Nakai — Earth Spirit R. M — Live Georgia R.

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Rex T. Rex — Electric Bogie T. Music Hits Various — Mr. Verano Caliente, Vol. Various Artists — On The Mountain: Articles similaires. Suivant Programme — Ambiances Jazz Club jazz manouche libre de droit.