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In the s and 60s, he focused on mapping of Massachusetts, first producing detailed maps of Massachusetts towns and then a set of wall-size Massachusetts county maps. Coast Survey. Thus, it appears that Walling utilized existing state and federal data to play out the topographical and substantial geographical data for his mapping and then filled in details through ground-based work by himself and his staff. Later in his career Walling worked for the U. Coast and Geodetic Survey and then the U. Geological Survey, primarily on projects related to the mapping of New England and the Appalachians.

Coastal Survey and was the basis for producing the H. Whiting map. The topographical work comes from the late s and the hydrography derives from the early s. Marindin , hydrographer who provided the details on the bathymetry for the map. As related in The Meeting of Land and Sea, Mitchell and Whiting used this and subsequent work on the Vineyard, Katama Bay, and the opening at Norton Point to explain the broad dynamics of coastal erosion and the specific details of the forces that open and maintain, or lead to the closure of the bays and ponds on the south shore of the Vineyard.

These studies are related in a series of U. As noted on this map this specific chart relates to the report for The release of the report was delayed when the original was destroyed in the great Boston Fire of , which destroyed 65 acres of downtown Boston. Aspects of the long-standing research by these two men are apparent in the details and insets of this map. From Whiting these include the light tracing of the position of the southern opening of Katama Bay , , and vertical cross-sections of the barrier beach that seals the bay along with comparative cross-sections from the barrier beach at the Nantucket haulover and at Scituate on Cape Cod.

His inset graph comparing the tides inside and out served to bolster his explanation that the opening in the barrier beach was maintained by the tremendous erosive forces of the currents that sweep through that narrow channel, driven by the height differential of the water inside and outside the bay. Source: Detail photographed on the dining room table of Nancy Weaver and David Dandridge who live on the edge of Oklahoma. The planned community at Oklahoma was one of many that struggled to get built and did not deliver on the investment return anticipated.

This original plan would have placed about homes on this oftentimes steep and rugged section of Vineyard Haven that lies delightfully hidden between Lagoon Pond and the Vineyard Haven-Edgartown Road. Surveyor Richard L. Pease, nephew of Jeremiah Pease, undertook considerable work on the Vineyard, and was much involved in major development plans such as Lagoon Heights. Pease teamed up again with Civil Engineer John Mullin to produce this map showing the detailed layout for Lagoon Heights on the eastern side of Lagoon Pond.

In addition to the fine detail on the proposed development, which includes a cliff ramble, bath houses, and insets of some prospective structures along with numerous parks, the left side of the map contains a view from the site across the Lagoon towards West Chop. The scene captured in this time of extensive deforestation and intensive maritime activity is of a wide open landscape, a dozen or more large ships at anchor off Eastville with its strip of houses and other structures, and a solitary building situated on the northeast corner of the Lagoon.

The value of this plan lies in its insights into the larger landscape as well as the expansive proposals for development on the Vineyard. Although construction did proceed and Barnes Road swings around this area today, many of the proposed details never materialized. The approach he took was to use good design and to include simple detail of the topography, soundings and other features. The oblique angle of this map provides a tremendous perspective on the character of the landscape across the broader area of East Chop, the north end of the Lagoon, Vineyard Haven, and out onto West Chop in Eastville remains thriving with two wharfs — New York and Norris named for Howes Norris ; the detailed insets help interpret the busy scene in Oak Bluff with the two tabernacles, Union Chapel, Cottage City and Highlands wharfs, and many hotels including the Highland House adjacent the Agassiz Summer Institute; to the south the road traversed Island Lake Farm Pond in the direction of a much exaggerated Lagoon Heights and to the west of town most of the area between Eastville, the Lagoon and the Heights remained empty; towards Vineyard Haven the Beach Road was fully connected over a bridge and two small bridges or walkways provided access out towards Cedar Neck; and out on West Chop the land remained largely forested.

The details for the Lagoon Heights development owned and marketed by the Lagoon Heights Land Company, State Street in Boston, are fleshed out well beyond those on the map by Pease.

Many modern streets are depicted — among them Lindon, California, Columbia, Washington and Pennsylvania Avenues — but Maine has become Barnes Road and Front Street has been reduced to just a vestige of a planned formal eastern end to the new neighborhood. See progress map of Includes an inset of progress around Lake Champlain.

The USCGS remapped the coastline approximately every 30 years or so, thus their maps are a valuable source of information about changing coastlines, ocean depths, wetlands, and development patterns. These maps have been used by scientists across the United States to understand both the historical past and modern environmental challenges. Past the glory days of whaling and Dr. Notable features include the railroad smoking its way across the Katama Plain towards its rail station near the current County Jail located on the old site of Dr.

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Among the many striking aspects of this map is the contrast between the tightly developed qualities of the Oak Bluffs, Campground, and Highlands areas and locations further out on East Chop or back down towards Lagoon Heights where Prospect House is the distinguishing feature. The accompanying description below provides much information on this map within the context of the larger effort by NOAA to make the work of the Coastal Survey widely available. Notes on the map indicate that this was first published in , the topography was conducted by H. Whiting and W. Vinal between and , and the map was published in The rescue effort concluded in and hard copies of those documents are available at the National Archives.

Today, NOAA continues scanning efforts with partners such as the Library of Congress to fill holes in the Collection and ensure that the best digital copy of our maps and charts are available. We strongly recommend that you visually verify the accuracy of the supplemental information provided by comparing it against the scanned document. All we ask is that you cite the website in some way.

The preferred format for citation is as follows:. As part of its regular operations the U. Army Corps of Engineers regularly took on assignments of evaluating proposals to build coastal protection and improve harbor, oftentimes generating detailed plans, costs estimates, and recommendations. In the case of this spectacular proposal to construct a 2-mile long breakwater across the mouth of Vineyard Harbor which was not approved. The declining traffic through Vineyard Sound and past the Island as well as the long-standing proposal to construct a canal across the base of Cape Cod did not justify the extraordinary expense.

This and other versions of the map and plan are all that remain of a project that came too late and brought too little return to be pursued. The modern reality is a mixture of plan and alternatives. Much of the data was collected three to five decades before publication. This plan by the U.

Corps of Engineers laid out a proposal to strengthen the seawalls along the outer stretches of East and West Chops. The continual erosion at these locations had been measured by Henry Whiting and identified as a long-term threat as the southern recession of these headlands had the effect of decreasing the protected area of mooring within the harbor. This project was subsequently undertaken and effective shoreline protection was installed. An updated chart showing the waters and coastline of the Vineyard.

Through time, the USCGS surveys become less and less concerned with features on land and tend to have more detail for mariners. The map by G. Eldridge is considered decorative rather than detailed and is sold as a reproduction in Vineyard shops today. In addition to main roads, regional ferry routes, and major sights, the map identifies the locations of a number of major landowners e.

It has at least one glaring error: Duartes Pond is both mis-spelled and incorrectly located much further west of the head of Lagoon Pond than it occurs. Background on Eldridge and his related map are provided by Boston Rare Maps. The version provides a few names of the houses of local residents but omits the camps and large estates. Eldridge of Chatham, Mass. In contrast to the complex charts issued by the U. A second edition of the map appeared in with a number of changes and additions and is much more common than the first edition offered here.

PhD Thesis Harvard University. This map depicts the clay exposures that Wigglesworth located during his fieldwork and is interpreted by David R. Foster and mapped in the book as indicating the location of open pits where clay was dug for various industrial and commercial uses, presumably largely at the Paint Mill on Roaring Brook.

As such, it is the only guide that the author is aware of to the location of clay pits, which were widespread on the western moraine. Black and white photographs from the thesis depict many of these pits in various states of use and vegetation regrowth when abandoned. After producing his classic study on the Vineyard with his mentor Professor J.

A map made most interesting by the fact that it provides detail on the landscape in the late s. This is a time when we also have the first aerial photographs available. Note the forested condition of West Chop. The photographs are notable in displaying the forested nature of West Chop and the early stages of land clearance and development for Mink Meadow Golf Course, the electrical transmission lines coming from Woods Hole, and housing. Search form Search. Useful Resources for map discovery Norman B.

World Map detail Description the same as above. New France.

Northeastern Coast. David Allen, Stony Brook University This article examines a well-known map of the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada allegedly made in or around New England. New England Detail. Description the same as above. New England and New York. The map is richly embellished with various animals in the interior of the map, two compass roses, two cartouches and a coat of arms.

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New England and New York Detail. Transcribed version of his annotated map of Martha's Vineyard. Some of the notes mention Southack's participation in the several English expeditions against the French in Nova Scotia and Cape Breton. The Atlantic Neptune. Source: Library of Congress Part of a large and diverse series of maps by Des Barres that cover the northeast region broadly from Newfoundland to New York.

Encyclopedia Britannica. Retrieved January 26, Archived from the original on Retrieved March 28, Maritime History of Massachusetts. National Park Service. Retrieved April 8, Tarrytown, New York: Marshall Cavendish. Indian Place Names of New England. Cited in: Bright, William Genealogical Publishing Com — via Google Books. July 1, Lower Cape Publishers. Life Magazine : 34— Nantucket: Mill Hill Press. Nantucket Lands and Landowners Volume 2, Issue 1 ed. Nantucket Historical Association. Thomas Gardner Planter and Some of his Descendants.

Salem, MA: Essex Institute. A General Gazetteer Illustrated with maps The fifteenth edition, with considerable additions and improvements 15 ed. London: J. Retrieved 20 September The Inquirer and Mirror. The History of Nantucket:being a compendious account of the first settlement of the island by the English:together with the rise and progress of the whale fishery, and other historical facts relative to said island and its inhabitants:in two parts.


Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. It Happened on Cape Cod.

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Globe Pequot. Retrieved Inventing New England. Smithsonian Institution. Global Coastal Change. August 22, Archived from the original on September 14, Retrieved September 16, Spinner Publications. Grieser; C. Beck; B. Rudolf; F. Rubel Retrieved 28 August National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Retrieved February 19, Western Regional Climate Center. Retrieved April 25, Decennial Census". University of Virginia Library. Retrieved January 12, Town and County of Nantucket website. Archived from the original on July 22, Retrieved April 10, Archived from the original on October 1, Massachusetts Elections Division. Retrieved February 1, Retrieved December 21, Presidential Elections". October 9, Town of Nantucket, Massachusetts. Retrieved April 19, Nantucket, Massachusetts: Nantucket Preservation Trust. Retrieved September 1, No Child Left Behind Reports. Louis Larsen.

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Also in Oak Bluffs, in the Eastville section, id a state lobster hatchery open from 9 A. Thumbnail sizebaby lobsters are nurtured until they are large enough to survive in the sea. There is no entry fee. Admission is 75 cents. At Gay Head, a national monument, steep cliffs of colored clay jut down into the frothy green sea.

En route to the latter, one passes the homes of writers Lillian Hellman, John Hersey and William Styron though the houses cannot be seen from the road. The island offers several nature preserves that can be visited without charge.

Join the stars in Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard

There, shore birds and small island animals may be watched in their own environment. Wild flowers surround the Chapel of the Praying Indians not far away at Christiantown. Menemsha and Chappaquiddick also have nature preserves. The next day St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church will have a sale and chowder lunch on the lawn from 10 A. Friday for the town's annual street fair at which the town band will play. July 13 for a village fair with pony rides and cupcake decorating contests for the very young and handcrafts, fruits, vegetables, flowers and art placed on sale.

To aid the Martha's Vineyard Hospital. On July 18, 19 and 20, Vineyard craftsmen will display their wares at an annual fair at the Wesley House in Oak Bluffs. On Monday and Tuesday, fair hours are 10 A. Shell and seaweed craft, beach stone and beach glass jewelry and weaving will be ou sale. One of the major events of the southern New England yachting season takes place July 22 and 23 when Edgartown holds its 54th annual regatta.

Also on July 23, a; noon, the sky over Oak Bluff's Ocean Park will be bright with kites participating in an annual contest. On Wednesdays and Sundays throughout the summer, band concerts, community sings, lectures and films are presented in the Tabernacle in the center of Trinity Park in Oak Bluffs, and on one Wednesday evening the date is not announced far in ad. At the Edgartown Open House, also on Aug. On Aug, 4. On Aug.