The Girls From Alcyone

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The Girls from Alcyone

Fierce Girls At War Vol. Fierce Girls. I love being a Marine but there are days We may have a lot of the We may have a lot of the same problems in we did a hundred years ago but back then the Gul brothers weren't paying lots to see my head on a Fifty-two Stories for Girls.

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A collection of stories written for girls, ages 10 to 18, about various subjects and A collection of stories written for girls, ages 10 to 18, about various subjects and times in history, featuring romance, love, intrigue, suspense, and history. Final Girls. What if you could fix the worst parts of yourself by confronting your worst fears?

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Jennifer Webb has invented proprietary virtual reality technology that purports to heal psychological wounds by running clients through scenarios straight out of horror movies The Girls from Planet 5. When the beautiful invaders took over, only Texas fought back! A different science fiction novel A different science fiction novel by award-winning author Richard Wilson. Originally published in , this is a science fiction romp that pokes fun at the B-Movie notion of beautiful alien The world was in need of a drastic change, and the females around the world The world was in need of a drastic change, and the females around the world decided to push that change.

Tim knew and accepted the new change, but it quickly was taking a wrong turn. He was the only one Anne Jenkins is a PE teacher with a girl's hockey team in her charge. How she ends up in a forest on the planet of Ellerkan pursued by Knights in armour with nets and swords she cannot imagine.

The Girls From Alcyone by Cary Caffrey

Knocked out, Cary Caffrey. Sigrid is a very special genetic match born to not particularly special parents, deeply in debt in the slums of Earth. That's how she finds herself being purchased by a mercenary corporation at the age of nine, destined for a secret training program involving everything from physical conditioning to computer implants, designed to make her a weapon. Sigrid, her friend Suko, and the rest of their class are a special project of the leader of the Kimura corporation, one that's controversial even among the corporate board, and when the other mercenary companies unite against Kimura's plans, they become wanted contraband.

This sounds like it could be a tense SF thriller, but I'll make my confession at the start of the review: I had great difficulty taking this book seriously. Initially, it had me wondering what horrible alterations and mind control Kimura was going to impose on the girls, but it very quickly turned into, well, boarding school drama, with little of the menace I was expecting. Not that bullying, or the adults who ignore it to see how the girls will handle it themselves, are light-hearted material, but it was very predictable.

As was the teenage crush that grows into something deeper, the revenge on the nastiest bully that the protagonist manages to not be responsible for, and the conflict between unexpectedly competent girls and an invasion of hostile mercenaries. I'm not particularly well-read or informed about the genre, so I'm not the best person to make this comparison, but the main thing The Girls from Alcyone reminded me of was anime or manga.

Series: The Girls From Alcyone

The mix of boarding-school interpersonal relationships, crushes and passionate love, and hypercompetent female action heroes who wear high heels and have constant narrative attention on their beauty had that feel to it. Add in the lesbian romance and the mechs of sorts that show up near the end of the story, and it's hard to shake the feeling that one is reading SF yuri as imagined by a North American author. The other reason why I had a hard time taking this seriously is that it's over-the-top action sequences it's the Empire Strikes Back rescue scene!

Alcyone - Angel Of Darkness

Lady Kimura, when she appears, turns into exactly the sort of mentor figure that one would expect given the rest of the story and the immediate deference she got felt like it was lifted from anime. The villains, meanwhile, are hissable and motivated by greed or control.