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Sheet Music. Edition Peters EP Published by Edition Peters PE. Keyboard - easy 11 neue Arrangements. Arranged by Steve Boarder. This edition: Saddle stitching. Sheet music. Schott Music ED Published by Schott Music HL. Piano, Vocal and Guitar Latin.

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I wasn't trying to show a terrible drama, just one of those ordinary events which happen to all adolescents and shape us for life. I'm the proof because I still remember those tiny episodes that ended up affecting me more than I realised at the time; the film was a loose adaptation of the novel Frankie Addams by Carson McCullers , although, uncredited. Miller: It isn't a direct adaptation.

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There were just enough elements from the book. First of all the Americans who owned them took ages to reply, they wanted a huge sum of money as much as the cost of the film. Two weeks before shooting was scheduled to begin, the rights had not been secured. Miller decided to make the movie anyway. He approached her parents for permission to cast her, it helped the marketability of the movie because, as Miller says, "Charlotte was in a way a star because of her parents - people went to see her out of curiosity. The film was a success at the box office selling 2,, tickets and was the 11th most attended film of the year at the French box office.

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Miller made The Little Thief with Gainsbourg. The album received favorable reviews. Due to this, it did not reach the expected sales by her record company. The singer was anxious to put on her bikini and go to the beach, as she could not do some things, such as being exposed to the sun. My desire was to enjoy the summer's temperature. With a wood fire, surrounded by friends, listening to music under the moonlight. I was eight months pregnant.

I had had it, the only thing I could think about were bikinis, suntan lotion and the beach. So I began to think to myself,'Hey! What was that song I liked last summer in Argentina? And when I went with my friends to Ixtapa , which one was it? That's right! The one by Juan Gabriel! That's how'Lunada' was born". It was recorded in Miami at the Crescent Moon Studios with Emilio Estefan in only three days, she opted to record cover versions of songs from the s and s as they reminded her of her teen days, along with new tracks.

It's the song'Bendita' and it's not a traditional lullaby. In my case I wanted to add reggae. All I feel for this human being that has come into my life I say in'Bendita'". Jason Birchmeier from AllMusic gave the album a mixed review, saying, "While Lunada isn't a return to the glory days of Amor a la Mexicana , it's an entertaining album with a few great songs. Lunada is entertaining from a stylistic standpoint above all; the lead single, "Ten Paciencia," gets the album off a great start, but the remainder of the album is less impressive.

Some of these latter songs work well, others not so well for one reason or another, but either way, they're entertaining from a stylistic standpoint. In the end, Lunada is helped by the short running time. On the US Top Latin Albums , the album debuted at its peak of number 10 on 12 July , before falling to number 34 the week after. On the Latin Pop Albums chart, it debuted at number four, fell out of the chart at number 11 two weeks later; as of December , Lunada has sold 14, copies in the United States and Puerto Rico , according to Nielsen SoundScan.

She signed a contract with Sony Music Entertainment in , it was announced that she would record an album in acoustic format as her first official release under her new label, Sony Music Latin. Both show strong similarities, including the same color to the face, similar glasses and lipstick color and overall appearance. I am sure that this cover will inspire others as a reference in the future". Music genre A music genre is a conventional category that identifies some pieces of music as belonging to a shared tradition or set of conventions.

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It is to be distinguished from musical form and musical style, although in practice these terms are sometimes used interchangeably. Academics have argued that categorizing music by genre is inaccurate and outdated. Music can be divided into different genres in many different ways; the artistic nature of music means that these classifications are subjective and controversial, some genres may overlap. There are varying academic definitions of the term genre itself. Green distinguishes between form, he lists madrigal , canzona and dance as examples of genres from the Renaissance period.

To further clarify the meaning of genre, Green writes, "Beethoven's Op. However, Mozart's Rondo for Piano , K. Some, like Peter van der Merwe, treat the terms genre and style as the same, saying that genre should be defined as pieces of music that share a certain style or "basic musical language.

Moore, state that genre and style are two separate terms, that secondary characteristics such as subject matter can differentiate between genres. A music genre or subgenre may be defined by the musical techniques, the style, the cultural context, the content and spirit of the themes. Geographical origin is sometimes used to identify a music genre, though a single geographical category will include a wide variety of subgenres.

Timothy Laurie argues that since the early s, "genre has graduated from being a subset of popular music studies to being an ubiquitous framework for constituting and evaluating musical research objects". Among the criteria used to classify musical genres are the trichotomy of art and traditional musics. Alternatively, music can be divided on three variables: arousal and depth. Arousal reflects the energy level of the music. These three variables help explain why many people like similar songs from different traditionally segregated genres.

Musicologists have sometimes classified music according to a trichotomic distinction such as Philip Tagg's "axiomatic triangle consisting of'folk','art' and'popular' musics", he explains that each of these three is distinguishable from the others according to certain criteria. The term art music refers to classical traditions, including both contemporary and historical classical music forms. Art music exists in many parts of the world, it emphasizes formal styles that invite technical and detailed deconstruction and criticism, demand focused attention from the listener.

In Western practice, art music is considered a written musical tradition, preserved in some form of music notation rather than being transmitted orally, by rote, or in recordings, as popular and traditional music are. Most western art music has been written down using the standard forms of music notation that evolved in Europe , beginning well before the Renaissance and reaching its maturity in the Romantic period.

The identity of a "work" or "piece" of art music is defined by the notated version rather than by a particular performance, is associated with the composer rather than the performer. This is so in the case of western classical music. Art music may include certain forms of jazz , though some feel that jazz is a form of popular music. Sacred Christian music forms an important part of the classical music tradition and repertoire, but can be considered to have an identity of its own; the term popular music refers to any musical style accessible to the general public and disseminated by the mass media.

Musicologist and popular music specialist Philip Tagg defined the notion in the light of sociocultural and economical aspects: Popular music, unlike art music, is conceived for mass distribution to large and socioculturally heterogeneous groups of listeners and distributed in non-written form, only possible in an industrial monetary economy where it becomes a commodity and in capitalist societies, subject to the laws of'free' enterprise Popular music is found on most commercial and public service radio stations, in most commercial music retailers and department stores, in movie and television soundtracks.

It is noted on the Billboard charts and, in addition to singer-songwriters and composers, it involves music producers more than other genres do; the distinction between classical and popular music has sometimes been blurred in marginal areas such as minimalist music and light classics. In this respect, music is like fiction, which draws a distinction between literary fiction and popular fiction, not always precise. Country music known as country and western, hillbilly music, is a genre of popular music that originated in the southern United States in the early s; the polka is a Czech dance and genre of dance music familiar throughout Europe and the Americas.

Rock music is a broad genre of popular music that originated as "rock and roll" in the United States in the early s, developed into a range of different styles in the s and particular. The album's lead single was "a romantic ballad written by Ricky Montaner, it gained moderate airplay success. The album received positive reviews by music critics and fans and it reached the 1 position in both the Top Latin and Latin Pop album charts, published by Billboard.

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It reached 1 in Mexico , where it was certified platinum. One day it was uploaded on Thalia's official VEVO account on YouTube ; the single gained moderate success in the charts in Mexico, where it reached the 2 position in the Spanish Airplay chart , published by Billboard. The song reached 19 in the US Latin Pop chart; the song was praised by both fans and critics for its powerful lyrics written by Ricardo Montaner, Thalia's vocals. However, it was labeled as a weak choice for a first single, leading to the album's first week moderate sales in the United States, where it debuted at the 1 position in both the Latin Pop and Top Latin albums charts, but failed to become a big seller for that week or at least maintain its success.

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The song was sent to Spanish contemporary radio format in the US on January 20, ; the music video of the song was filmed in New York on February 9, After its release, the music video had some controversy as it was being compared to the music video "On The Floor" by American singer Jennifer Lopez for some similarities. In the Mexican territory, the homonymous song of the album was announced by Sony Music as the second single of the album; the song debuted in Mexico's general airplay chart, gaining more airplay than the album's first single and peaking at 1.

In the pop chart, published by Monitor Latino , the song peaked at 1. The song peaked at 1 in Mexico. I hope to have an Amore Mio Tour after the new songs become more familiar in the public"; the album was praised by the majority of music critics, fans as well. Thom Jurek of Allmusic rated the album with 3. Judy Cantor-Navas of Rhapsody gave a favorable review, mentioning that "the ballad "Por Lo Que Reste de Vida" spotlights a stripped-down Thalia, starting with a spare arrangement with voice and piano with musical drama following as the track crescendos to a passionate, full-band climax ".

Ti amo - Umberto Tozzi Cover Howard Carpendale Long Version Letra y Traduccion

The single was released on October 7, , it is a tragic love ballad. Equivocada — Equivocada Equivocada Equivocada. As of March , the album had shipped over half a million copies worldwide. She went on to say that "releasing this album represents a sense of respite and some kind of freedom as well" since in the last 4 years she passed through intense situations like being affected by Lyme disease, losing her beloved mother and having a series of familiar conflicts with her sisters.

In some way, Mario Domm from Camila, captured my big loss in a spirit of positivism. As for Robbie Williams, it was a dream that came through to collaborate with him since I admire his work. I knew he was the only one that could understand the irony of rescuing this classic mambo masterpiece. Furthermore, she incorporated a bilingual bachata track in the album, a duet with Prince Royce , considered one of the most successful bachata performers in contemporary music. This is her first international release. The lead single " Piel Morena " was a hit in the Latin market, while the single " Maria la del Barrio " was popular, thanks to the soap opera of the same name; the album was nominated for Pop Album of the Year at the Lo Nuestro Awards of Thalia wrote a new Spanish lyric for the song; the lyric of the song had to undergo some changes, not only because it was a woman, performing it this time, but because its author had used some expressions which are typical of the Argentinean Spanish, referred expressly to Buenos Aires.

However, this version does not include the song "Juana". On the other hand, the Argentinean version of the album features, as a bonus track, only a remixed version of "Piel Morena".