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The propaganda done in this last prototype moved the whole country to another level. We got so used to it.

The Colombian president launched a program to demobilize FARC fighters by subsidizing their living expenses. This problem is a controversial topic in Colombia today. Because while thousands of citizens oppose to the idea of using their tax money to do so, thousands of children were forced to join the guerrillas and their lives are now marked by deaths and violence. Full podcast:. Full TED talk by Jose:.

Guerilla Tactics – Sàn Art

Sign in Get started. How design thinking helped demobilize Colombian guerrillas. Jan 24, They live in the jungle, wearing fatigues. How do we reach out to them? If you attempt to escape from these jungle camps, the guerrillas will kill you.

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It is unclear which part eventually forms the whole. Look again at the more conventional shapes in the series and they appear prosaic by comparison. It is unique for the pieces in a collection to play off each other to enhance the impact of both styles. What shapes the destiny of a clay sculpture if not an awareness of its beginnings and the story of its continued existence? His clay is produced by years of natural mixing, capturing the soul of the soil along with its collected debris of trees and bones.

Rarely do you see ceramic art rooted so deeply in abstraction.

Jose Maria Sison

Here, at degrees Celsius, they take their final shape and colour among the chaotic licks of the flames. The clay glows red and it gives off a translucency reminiscent of a baby scan, achieving new life and balance in a fixed form.

The guerilla planter

This exhibition is made possible thanks to the generous support of The Renaissance International School Saigon. This was the second in a rebooted Commemorative Tree Program, following at a safe distance behind musician Nick Cave's planting of a Henry's lime the year before. Like Cave, Leunig has a distinctive individual style and is a fitting representative of creative and liberal Melbourne.

For 46 years he has been contributing his whimsy and wit to newspapers, and in July last year he celebrated his 70th birthday. As a bonus, he regularly references trees and nature in his pictures and writing. I'll get back to that commemorative tree later, but when I chatted to Leunig for Talking Plants it was in a less orderly garden.

We met near Rushall station, about five kilometres from the Melbourne CBD, to talk about a restoration project he has been involved with for the past five years.

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Leunig was brought up in the largely treeless western suburbs of Melbourne, where he soon developed a 'yearning for plants'. He also acquired a passion for illegal planting, venturing out at night to plant eucalypts in nature strips. Some of his successes can still be seen today, where large spotted gums Corymbia maculata push up the pavement in Melbourne's west. The restoration of native vegetation is a very grand gardening project. The Merri Creek scheme predates Leunig's time as a local resident, and converting this 'dumping ground' to a semblance of nature has depended on a huge community of volunteers.

The creek forms a curved or curly line through a city otherwise defined by straight lines. In Leunig's view it is nature asserting itself: 'Lines represent root and branch systems, fundamental to our belief systems. Plants, according to Leunig, are taken in subconsciously. As a child you are enchanted by them and build fairy gardens. In the end, 'it's almost like you are married to plants'.

He says an Aboriginal friend once told him she felt married to a tree, and that it drew its marks on her body, an act that strengthened that marriage bond.

Kevin Eldon - Poets' Tree (Episode 1)