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The Growing Importance of Cyber Security Skills

Educate yourself to be suspicious and cautious when it comes to operational security. Gaining new skills is a tried-and-true way of getting ahead at your job, and security is one that looks particularly good. The first step to getting promotions or pay raises is showing that you can be trusted with additional responsibilities. For example, consider sending an email to your customers that contains a link. How could you compensate for that risk? Are you even thinking about the potential vulnerability? Your company may be willing to cover educational expenses on your behalf, but even if they don't, there are plenty of ways to pursue security knowledge independently.

It doesn't even have to mean formal training, either. If you begin dabbling in security and discover that you enjoy it or have a knack for related skills, why not pursue it full-time? Doing so is more lucrative than ever. According to Cybersecurity Ventures , it's predicted that by there will be 3. That kind of demand should be attractive to anyone seeking career advancement.

IoT security

From there, I got the qualifications to open my own consulting business, contribute to NIST guidelines, speak at high-profile security conferences, author white papers, and contribute to standard protocols that everyone on the internet uses on a daily basis. My security education super-charged my entire career trajectory. Plus, it's work that will help you solve real problems. Here's where to start.

Learn to Code With Me , where I help people learn how to code so they can get ahead in their careers and ultimately find more fulfillment in their I write about tech companies, careers, and in-demand skills. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin You might think of cybersecurity as a specialized, niche career—not a skill that the average person should learn about. Unfortunately, the large number of interconnected networks and devices in a single organization makes it hard to keep track of the vulnerabilities.

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Enter IoT security experts who possess valuable cybersecurity skills, including the development of IoT attack countermeasures, IoT hacking, and analysis of possible IoT threats. These professionals benefit the IoT platforms in many ways, including better decision-making, improved time management, and increased productivity.

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  6. With IoT practices being adopted by numerous industries, from agriculture to business management to energy, picking up strong IoT security skills can aid you greatly in the coming years. As data continues to increase in value, new rules and regulations are being implemented to safeguard this data. Now, all the data gathered by manufacturers, businesses, and banks contain personally identifiable information that can be used for malicious activities, like financial fraud and identity theft, if they fall into the wrong hands.

    Having a skill like vulnerability assessment allows you to locate and plug weaknesses in the network of a company, its end systems, and communication infrastructure. By pinpointing the likely targets of cyber attackers, vulnerability assessment professionals can deter attacks. They use a combination of methods, from hardware troubleshooting to antivirus software installation, patch management to network security. Right now, companies are looking for IT individuals capable of selecting suitable assessment tools, patching vulnerabilities, and analyzing reports to stop attacks before they actually happen.

    In any organization, the IT department requires a vast number of people working in tandem to fulfill tasks and meet requirements. For example, reporting a breach internally is a serious matter.

    Government breach data highlights cyber skills misconception

    The incident response team must give people sufficient time to vent before they can proceed to the problem-solving phase. A Gartner report mentions that 10 percent of all penetration tests will be performed via machine learning-enabled smart devices by AI can aid a company in warding off the attack before it happens. Modern businesses must schedule constant intrusion detection and regular penetration testing to stay aware of vulnerabilities in their existing cybersecurity measures.

    Otherwise, they will know about an unknown access point only when hackers have gained entry into the system and wreaked havoc across the organization. Failure to perform thorough penetration frequently allows attackers to raid your networks, stealing sensitive information from your company.

    Free Cyber Security Training and Career Development | Cybrary

    And the worst part is, it could be months, even years before you notice missing or corrupted data. Similarly, intrusion detection skills identify supposedly dangerous activity before it grows in magnitude and causes a breach.

    The Art of the Deal

    With cyberattacks occurring almost daily against companies, the demand for IT professionals with penetration testing and intrusion detection skills will increase as businesses will attempt to identify possible vulnerabilities and shield their organization from evolving attacks. Companies across the world get numerous advantages from cloud computing, including reduced costs, improved collaboration, and scalable storage.

    But cloud computing may allow for easier attacks if left unsecured for a long time. When the cloud is kept secure, companies enjoy privacy and security, encrypted data, and confidentiality. Individuals knowing about the common cloud cybersecurity threats and preventive measures will be in great demand in the coming years.

    Nobody wants their personally identifiable information to be leaked all over the Internet. From Trojans to worms, scareware to keyloggers, malware can spread across systems with ease. With new malware variants emerging on a yearly basis, cybersecurity professionals must adopt the skills necessary to secure companies against incoming malware threats. Focus on perfecting countermeasures, anti-malware software deployment, and analyzing dynamic and static malware.