First Globals Understanding, Managing, & Unleashing the Potential of Our Millennial Generation

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He currently pens a weekly column for Forbes. A well-known political and social pundit, his work has been featured in op-ed pages worldwide, valued in corporate boardrooms, and considered "must-read" material at every level of America's political landscape. John Zogby has delivered more than 2, speeches, public lectures, and management briefings, simultaneously educating and entertaining his audiences. A teacher at heart with 24 years of experience as a professor of American history and politics, his speeches are always conversational, humorous, poignant, and informative.

Few speakers bring the combination of accurate data, trend spotting, storytelling, and global perspective that Zogby delivers. S o much of the literature written and blogosphere discussion about Millennials has been about their self-centeredness, even outright selfishness, immaturity, deferred adulthood, and laziness. To a great degree this is simply ahistorical and out of context.

For nearly one hundred years think the "Roaring Twenties" era of flappers, fraternity pranks, bathtub gin, automobiles denounced as "houses of prostitution on wheels" twenty-something have been generally focused on themselves.

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Over the past three decades, parents have structured the lives of First Globals and raised their and our expectations too much, just as we have until at least proffered too many choices that were bound to be unfulfilled. With so many going to college and accumulating so much student loan debt, it is not surprising at all that there is a lot of impatience, disillusionment, and deferred even lost dreams.

Our book is a revisionist examination of who First Globals really are, what they have to offer, and how they are the best equipped of all to thrive and solve the problems of our shared world today and tomorrow. It is a call to action, a handbook for those who lead and want to lead, and a more holistic depiction of an outstanding group with so much potential.

First Globals Book

Your brand and the brand for your business are equally important and even more so are the relationships with everyone you meet […] read more. A recent study shows that Millennials would rather go to the […] read more. He currently works for Accenture Strategy as a Strategy Analyst […] read more. First Globals is an essential guide to understanding the Millennial generation as potential employees, target consumers and future leaders. As experienced leaders, we need to embrace and nurture young talent as their managers and mentors. They are launching business and products that have evolved how we think, travel, interact, organize our lives and manage our finances.

If you need a resource to help you better understand Gen Y and evolve your business to align with their talent, this is it. Joan Kulh is a powerful leader whose passion for bridging generational differences is inspiring and contagious.

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The Millennial Generation is the biggest and most diverse in American history. Buffalo, N.

Book Event: First Globals: Understanding, Managing, and Unleashing Our Millennial Generation

PMP , a full service talent management firm based in Buffalo N. These statistics will drastically change the workforce and the organizational culture" said Sharon D. Randaccio, President and CEO. Companies in every sector and of every size face the challenge of recruiting and developing young professionals to prepare them to be future executive leaders.

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Together, we can amplify the impact of training and developing future leaders while educating management and senior leadership on how best to develop and leverage young talent. Our expertise and partnerships with Snyder Kuhl and global thought leader BlessingWhite allows us to offer solutions that provide a unique combination of science, insight and thought leadership. About Performance Management Partners, Inc. She works with clients to become "Millennial Ready" by assessing and developing programs, branding initiatives and management training to attract, retain and promote young talent.

The results for the organization are to be seen as the Preferred Employer to Millennials and as an organization that is on the pulse of the Millennial customer needs.

Summer Street Capital has been working with Performance Partners for over 10 years on nearly all critical aspects of our organizational design, training and development. As one of our most trusted resources, the team at Performance Partners has helped recruit, coach, develop and grow the leaders of our organization, and they continue to play an incredibly valuable role in ensuring we have the right team, strategy and growth plan. We remain enthusiastic in recommending Performance Partners as a resource to our portfolio companies, executives and friends and look forward to maintaining this integral partnership.

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Performance partners chose its name correctly. They truly are a partner and will work side-by-side with you to assist you in creating a high performance team.

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Patti Kinz has led a number of workshops for our company and is insightful and affable. She is very adept at getting a team focused and on task.