Shaman King, Vol. 14: The Tortured Princess: v. 14

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Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. While returning from a shop, Yoh and Tamao are attacked by two shamans known as the BoZ brothers who attempt to kill Yoh, but are defeated by Ryu, who has become a shaman with Tokagero as his partner. When they enter the Tao's castle, Horohoro and Ryu work to defeat the five jiangshi guardians who attack them while Yoh goes ahead to find Ren and Jun. Yoh rescues Ren and Jun, but Ren won't leave until he has defeated his father. While Horohoro and Ryu have been beaten by the last of the jiang-shi warriors, the corpse of the reanimated Shamon, Lee Pyron manages to defeat his former mentor and allow Ren to advance.

He is forced to concede defeat when Ren overcomes him and Ren's family persuade him to accept Ren's choices. When Yoh and his friends return to Tokyo, the Patch Tribe announces that all the participants of the Shaman Tournament will be taken to America by plane for the next round.

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When the plane is 1, km near to the village, all the participants are dropped from the plane to find the Patch Village by themselves. While searching for the location of the Patch Village, Yoh's group tries asking Lilirara, a member of the Seminoa tribe. When she refuses, she reveals how the Patch tribe massacred her ancestors and attacks them with her ancestors' spirits.

As they feel the deaths of the Seminoa, Yoh's group learns that the murderer responsible was Hao five hundred years ago. After Lilirara relents and reveals what she knows about the Patch, she is killed by Hao. As Yoh's group moves on, they meet Lyserg Diethel , a boy who wants to join their group - but only if they are strong.

At the hospital, Lyserg apologizes to the group, confessing that as his parents were killed by Hao and that he wanted strong comrades to take revenge. Hoping to temper Lyserg's hatred, Yoh's group accepts him as their new companion. In Japan, Yohmei orders Anna to deliver a book containing Hao's spells to Yoh in order to help him defeat Hao, who is in fact the reincarnation from the founder of the Asakura family.

When the seal on the book is broken and its two demon guardians are freed, Anna defeats and takes control of them. In America, Horohoro is separated from his friends and injured. To thank Bluebell Bloch, the park ranger who saved him, he pacifies her polar bear, who has attacked all who got close to him. When the bear is killed by poachers soon after, Horohoro is angered by the poachers' wastefulness but he spares them before reuniting his with friends. Yoh's group goes to investigate a ruin which may be related to the Patch Village, but find five of Hao's henchmen who want to test Yoh.

After Boris reveals that his spirit Blamaro is possessing Lyserg, Boris makes his spirit possess Yoh, which fails when Amidamaru convinces Blamaro to stop attacking them. When Hao's follower, Big Guy Bill Burton, attempts to attack Yoh, the X-Laws nearly kill him, stopped only by Yoh's intervention and criticism of their extreme and violent actions. In response, Marco turns on Yoh, but stops short of attacking and leaves.

As Yoh's group walks through the ruins with Bill, Bill tells them to leave him and explains how to enter to the Patch Village. As they leave the ruins, Yoh's group suffer from hallucinations and wake up in the Patch Village, which surrounds the Great Spirit. The group also meets Chocolove , a comedian who wants to join them as the fights from the tournaments will now be with teams of three participants. As such, Ren chooses Horohoro and Chocolove as his teammates. Chocolove proves his mettle by defeating the BoZ Brothers with his Oversoul, formed from claws and his jaguar spirit Mic, but is overpowered when he refuses to kill them after Peyote possesses the brothers with his spirits.

After remembering his life as a criminal and how he met his shaman teacher, Chocolove creates a wind blow to make Peyote's spirits start laughing to the point they are unable to fight. Ren finishes Peyote, and Team The Ren wins the first fight. Using her god-class spirit Shamash, she annihilates the team in an instant. Team Funbari Onsen's composed attitude towards the fight offends the Icemen's sense of pride, even more so when Yoh, Faust, and Ryu fail to be insulted and soon demonstrate the overwhelming results of their training with Anna's direction and Hao's spellbook, the Cho Senji Ryakketsu.

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To acknowledge their efforts, Yoh takes the Icemen on by himself and defeats them all with his Spirit of Sword Oversoul. Yoh visits Lyserg, who apologizes for leaving Yoh after he helped Lyserg on his journey.

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  • When Jeanne requests that Yoh join the X-Laws, he turns her down and leaves. When X-III sets off a grenade to consume all the oxygen in the arena, Hao reveals that the Spirit of Fire is not limited by a lack of oxygen because of Hao can manipulate all five elements.

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    When Yoh's friends learn that Hao's surname is Asakura, Yoh confesses that Hao is the reincarnation of the original Hao and his twin brother and reveals his family's history with Hao. Yoh's father, Mikihisa Asakura , meets Ren's team and decides to train them. When Ren refuses the offer, he fights Mikihisa; despite improving his Oversoul, he is unable to defeat Mikihisa.

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    While they recover from the fight, two Patch Officials, Nichrom and Magna, direct Hao's followers to attack Ren and Mikihisa's teams, forcing Mikihisa to leave to defend his teammates, a pair of children named Redseb and Seyram Munzer. When the children are confronted by the Hanagumi, they are defended by Anna, Jun, and Tamao.

    When Ryu and Faust come to aid Yoh, all of Hao's soldiers leave. However, to save Ren, Yoh approaches Iron Maiden Jeanne and agrees to her condition that he will withdraw from the Shaman Fight if she will resurrect Ren. Recognizing that Anna is anxious about Yoh, Jun and Tamao convince her to leave with Redseb and Seyram while they take on the Hanagumi.

    The girls are overwhelmed by the Hanagumi's strength until Mikihisa arrives and drives them off. When she discovers that Yoh has agreed to leave the tournament, Anna recalls about her first meeting with him five years ago. When Yoh was ten, he was sent to Aomori with his first spirit partner, the Nekomata spirit Matamune , to meet his potential wife at his grandmother Kino's house.

    Upon arrival, Yoh meets Anna, who coldly threatens him, and is attacked by Oni before Matamune saves him. When Yoh runs into Anna at a shop the next day, another Oni appears; Yoh fights back, but it disappears when Anna tells Yoh to escape. When they return to Kino's house, Yoh and Anna talk while watching television program together, and Yoh promises he will protect her from summoning Oni again.

    Anna agrees to visit the shrine with Yoh, but her mind-reading powers overwhelm her, causing an extremely powerful Oni to form and become an Oh-Oni great Oni. To rescue Anna, Matamune uses the last of his powers to form an enormous sword Oversoul for Yoh to wield, though at the cost of giving up his physical form. Returning to the present, the X-Laws are about to revive Ren, whose soul tries to stop them when he realizes Yoh will leave the tournament for his sake. Despite Ren's efforts, he is revived by Shamash and is forced to escape with Ryu and Manta before he meets with Yoh to thank him.

    Upset with the recent turn of events, Horohoro finds Big Guy Bill and Brocken Meyer attacking the Icemen so they cannot leave the island where the tournament is taking place. However, Horohoro and the Icemen are unable to defeat Hao's followers until they are distracted by the appearance of Horohoro's father trying to leave the island. When Horohoro is nearly defeated by his opponents, Lyserg arrives and saves him with his new Archangel, Zelel, and takes the injured to be healed by Faust.

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    However, Yoh's group is forced to flee when other followers of Hao find them, while Ryu is left behind and is nearly killed by Peyote and Turbine. Yoh learns from Amidamaru that Ryu is in danger and returns to save him. When Ryu dies while fighting Peyote and Turbine, he is revived by Sati from the Gandhara; because Gandhara aims to defeat Hao, his followers are forced to retreat. Meanwhile, Chocolove is confronted by the Golem when Redseb and Seyram find him with the goal of avenging their father. Yoh and Ryu arrive as Chocolove is killed; while Ryu is sent away to save Chocolove, Yoh fights the Golem and convinces Redseb that he should not fight out of blind hatred.

    However, the Golem begins to run rampant with Seyram inside and Yoh is impaled as Hao arrives, intent on destroying the Golem after revealing Seyram has been possessed by her father's ghost.

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    A desperate Yoh is forced to contend with the rest of Hao's followers until his friends arrive at the behest of Lyserg. In the meantime, Chocolove's soul winds up in Hell, where his mentor appears and has Joco face the regret and guilt in his heart. Hao decides not to fight Yoh's friends, as he only came to assess Yoh's condition, and leaves. Due to his wound, Yoh faints while his friends try to disarm the Golem without harming Seyram. In hopes of saving his sister, Redseb tries to confront the Golem himself to calm down his father's spirit, but is nearly killed until Chocolove, having been revived by Sati of Gandhara, saves him.

    Chocolove manages to fight against Golem without problems, which Joco's mentor Orona explains is the result of using the spirit of Pascal Avaf, who Chocolove had awoken while he was in hell. Before the final clash, Anna's guardians demons stop the Golem and Chocolove.