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I'll warn that this one ends on a massive cliffhanger - yikes! It's hard to put down since Grubb's "changes" are fascinating and I was worried about how it would turn out. Shan doesn't "save" characters from horrible fates so it's never a given that the character will end up okay. Happy-ever-afters just don't fit into these stories. Finally some mysteries tie into each other and from here on out, the main story starts speeding up since everyone is connected now.

It sheds a light on this odd series where so much seem kind of disconnected before. View all 6 comments. Sep 09, Ash rated it liked it Shelves: horror-and-gore , the-demonata. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Blood Beast offered a very different Grubs to me, the once sensitive boy who vitnessed his family beign slaughtetered by demons seemed to vanish beneath a more mature but certainly not as friendly and open teenager who has better things to be thinking about such as his new best friends and girls, that is until he begins to notice the side affects of the family curse - Lycanthopy.

I liked this book, but it wasn't the on same level as the previous books. I began to dislike Grubs's attitude and his Blood Beast offered a very different Grubs to me, the once sensitive boy who vitnessed his family beign slaughtetered by demons seemed to vanish beneath a more mature but certainly not as friendly and open teenager who has better things to be thinking about such as his new best friends and girls, that is until he begins to notice the side affects of the family curse - Lycanthopy. I began to dislike Grubs's attitude and his ultimate failing in this book to me was allowing Loch to bully Bill-E repeatitively, as it was both terrible to watch but evdn worse that he did nothing to stop it.

It would have shown great character on Grubs's part if he chose to stop it at its core, but he didn't; perhaps this is a clue as to his character in the final books? I suggest you read it, as it's important - I for one am extremely interesting in those voices, and I have my suspicions but I wouldn't say it was the greatest of the entire series.

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Nov 29, Chappy rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , goalbooks , , WOW my god, that ending is the most ive ever feared for a literary character, definitely the biggest cliffhanger of the series to date. Apr 24, Ninth rated it liked it Recommends it for: Demonata fanatics. Shelves: bloody-awesome , darren-shan. Keep on killing! Dervish Grady loves Juni Swan.

Nishanth Anchan loves someone else. End of story. This was not what I expected in a Demonata book. First half is filled with boyfriend, girlfriend thingy. Kissing I prefer strangling and stuff Grubbs is considered mentally mental. A psychyatrist called Misery something tests him. Grubbs yells at him. Sleepover at Grubbs' Man 3 stars for the Demonata. Sleepover at Grubbs' Manison. But Grubbs seems to be more into his friends than Bill-E.

Making him feel lonely. They party. When our dear Grubbitch kisses Reni, he goes outta control. He makes a bottle blast into pieces and make the pieces turn into flower petals. Guys think its weird As always. They go out Grubbs expecting a bit of action But what does Reni do? Kiss on nose.. He wants to press on but this uneasy feeling beneath his skin. Its nearly full moon o and that guys supposed to be a damn werewolf.

He thinks he's turning. Locks himself up every night And he is surprised to see that he has a new psychyatrist A hot one! The chic knows magic too. Grubbs invites her to stay in the Grady manison. She loves him back. No problemo. The problem begins when Grubbs, Bill-E and Loch their friend go treasure hunting. Lord Sheftree's treasure The guy who fed his babies to pirahnas! We found a freakin awesome Cave!

We go in Admire the view. Loch and Bill-E try to climb the walls. Loch falls. No blood or gore. Then they mull over on how to explain shit to the authorities. The Cave. The turning and stuff. Boring as hell. But the ending! Of course! Lord Loss is here too. Read the ending. I wont spoil it. Its the grossest till date. PLOT: Boring Just boring. Me is scared!!! Me gonna call the Lambs!!! But, as I said, the ending was absolutely Coolio! But the guy cant fuckin express his feelings.

And since this book is mostly full of that shit. This guy is the one I feel for. His feelings: loneliness, worst feeling ever. Loch Gossel: Sorry bro Rest in peace. But roast in hell for 1 hour each for calling Bill-E a sucker. Just to increase the number of pages? Dervish Grady: old SOaB! I told you not to get too close to her!

Stop drooling! You're ruining her new bra! XP Juni Swan: stuck between two words Why the fuck do you act so mysteriously. Stone figure: I know who you aaa-aareee! Lil one! What a spectacular entrance at the end of the book. Blood, gore, death all follow. Still LOVE his style.

And oh! He's got new cronies.. Spine: A scorpion that gouges your eyes and spits eggs into it. Femur: Cute bunny rabbit. If you don't count the acid it spits. Keep Calm and Fight the Werewolf. View all comments. May 25, Ariya rated it it was ok Shelves: reads. I never gave any Darren Shan's book less than 4 stars but Blood Beast leaves me no choice. The writing-style is poor as Shan attempts to write such ordinary or even PTSD situations when it is too late to bring about teenage crush, merely a child's death not that I'm cruel but why do I have to care so much about Loch with like more than pages describing how Grubb feels so lost after encountering him dying?

Don't you think it's a bit awkward and out of place? Plus, the characters are in the lowest motive. I don't seem surprised at all to Juni because I suspect the femme fetal trope in her since she tries to manipulate Dervich and Grubb with a cheap seduction technique I always know Shan has a weakness in writing a female adult but never expects he could do this so badly. He is not the same character I'm so engaged in but distant father figure who is dull, whiny and useless. I understand the function of his character's distance is to let Juni lure Grubb into her so-called mind manipulating plane but as a character, I can feel he has been treated worst.

So unfair and so fucking wrong in every way now leave me alone to cry for disappointment. Oct 11, Siobhan rated it really liked it. Again Grubbs is developing as a character, although for completely different reasons to those in prior books. Another well-paced book in the series, keeping you hooked from start to end. Moreover, this one ends on a cliff-hanger being part of two books which run one after another unlike the prior books in the series which seem to jump about in time a bit unless you have read them in chronological order.

Jun 06, Tyler Grossman rated it really liked it. The theme is always believe in your leader. One reason is becasue at the end when he is turning into a werewolf his mom tells him to get out of the cage so his dad did not kill him. Jan 17, Ryan McCarthy rated it liked it. Has some really great sequences, but I can't help but groan at the informal writing and liberal use of slang.

Jun 21, Celine rated it liked it Shelves: horror , wizardy-magic , demons , young-adult. This is the first book in the Demonata series that I didn't particularly like. Darren Shan books are usually characterized by their fast moving plots, their inventive gore and lots of magical fighting. Blood Beast doesn't have any action until the very end. Most part the story is about Grubbs going through the motions of teenage life, while worrying about not so teenage problems on top of that. He might have the family curse; he might turn into a werewolf. I didn't like Grubbs's teenage problems. They didn't only seem trivial to me, but quite stupid too.

Maybe it's just that I can't identify with them anymore, but I just couldn't stand some thoughts and actions of his. He is in that fase of life where leaving friends behind for other friends is totally acceptable, where you let your so-called "friends" hurt other people without speaking up for the victim. I think that's an ugly time. It might be consistent with how teenagers act like and think like at that age, but somehow I feel uncomfortable for seeing it justified.

Blood Beast felt like an in-between book, not a legit part of the series.

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There was just a lot of prepping you for the next book, setting up a bunch of plotlines, coming together in a massive cliffhanger. Worst thing was, I saw the massive "surprise" of the book coming from miles away. I know that even though I might expect it, there has to be more explanation for those who don't. Overall this book felt empty for me. There was no character growth, no major plot points other than one I was already expecting, and no action until the very end of the book.

I am hoping the next book will be more like the other books in the series. Jun 13, Carmaletta Hilton rated it it was ok. I really didn't care for the way Grubbs treated Bill-E, especially since he refused to ever take any responsibility for what he could have done to help him out. Teenagers do have power over one another, and he could have done a lot more than stand around and watch Loch's actions. Also, since so much time was taken to show Loch as this horribly unlikable person, I really didn't care when he died.

I felt bad for Bill-E, and had a few times when I wondered if Bill-E had actually pushed Loch, but th I really didn't care for the way Grubbs treated Bill-E, especially since he refused to ever take any responsibility for what he could have done to help him out. Also, Juni as a plant for Lord Loss didn't really shock me like I expect that it was supposed to. It's hard to believe that she would suddenly show up and she knows more magic and spells than Dervish. Also, the way she kept putting the negative ideas of Dervish giving up into Grubbs's head helped to make it obvious that she wasn't the same sweet woman from Slawter.

And are we to believe that Dervish is really so blinded by love that he doesn't see that there's something wrong with her?

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I did, however, like seeing Grubbs fight his turning. We're told about the curse in a way, previously, that made it seem impossible to do anything but succumb to it. Was it because he's a magician? Or could anyone with enough awareness really fight it? That was an interesting thing to ponder. I usually love the Grubbs and Dervish books, but this one really let me down.

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There just wasn't much for me to hold onto with this book. I'm hoping that Demon Apocalypse is better, and that there's a decent ending instead of another "to be continued. View 1 comment. I read this book in a couple of hours, which is special, because usually it takes me a couple of days to read the books by Darren Shan. I think the more further you get into the story and into the series, you'll enjoy reading it more and more. For example: I had never read a book by Darren Shan before I read Lord Loss, so it took me a couple of days to finish the book.

After reading the second and third book, I got into the Demonata series, so I read the other books in less than a day. I can't wa I read this book in a couple of hours, which is special, because usually it takes me a couple of days to read the books by Darren Shan. I can't wait to read the sixth book. Grubbs has changed a lot throughout the series and I like the way how the stories are told. The first, the third and the fifth book I haven't read the others yet are about Grubbs. The second and the fourth book are "stand-alones". You don't need to read them, but sometimes you'll recognize some something and it gives you a cool feeling.

That sounds weird. But I hope you know what I mean. I knew there was something odd about Juni!

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Jan 27, Fabio added it Shelves: 11th-grade-advisory. Everytime he wakes up from his nightmare, he is always experiencing some magical moment. Grubbs had made alot of friends and decided to throw a party one day after his uncle, Dervish, left. That same night, he had woken up in the bathroom, only to realize that he was howling like a werewolf. Darren Shan has done a great job with his bo Blood Beast By: Darran Shan pages ISBN Grubbs keeps having nightmare about demons and his sister, who was killed by demons, trying to kill him.

Darren Shan has done a great job with his books yet again.

Each time his books just keep amazing me. I can never get enough of his stories. This book always keeps you wondering about what can happen next and what will happen next. Darren Shan has outdone himself yet again. I recommend this book for people who like sci-fi would really enjoy this book. This is a great book for kids 13 and over. It is a great series and recommend everybody to read it. Or let me clarify this statement as by the lack of AN ending. If I did not already have book 6 in hand, I would have been extremely put out.

This fantastic installment in what has become a favorite series of mine, ends right in the middle of the big scene. To make matters worse, the horrid three words were used To be continued. Well, just like the book I want to share with you my love for the series, the auth 3. Log In. First Name. Last Name. Sign Up. Email Address. Real Quick. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Cancel Resend Email. Add Article. Tomatometer Not Yet Available. Super Reviewer. Share on Facebook.

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