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White crappies on the other hand thrive is silted and turbid waters occupying areas around submerged logs, brush and stumps.

3 Top Performing Crappie Plastics That Work Everywhere

Crappies begin their spawning cycle when water temperatures are between and degrees. During this time, they make their way shallow into staging areas. Peak spawning activity generally occurs when water temperature is between and degrees. In the south, this could occur as early as February while early June is more typically when crappies spawn in the north. The crappie spawn is dictated in large part by the type of water body.

BEST Spring Crappie Gear

In smaller lakes, crappies may completely spawn in as little as two weeks. In contrast, the crappie spawn may last more than a month in large reservoirs. Spawning occurs in coves, backwaters and creek arms in 2- to 6-foot of water. Water clarity plays a huge factor in spawning location and depth. Muddy water will force crappies to spawn in shallower water while clear water will keep them deeper.

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One of the best crappie fishing tactics during the spawn is to be observant of water clarity and fish cover in different depths for hooking up more bites. Late Spring is the best time to catch a bucket full of crappies as they move from feeding structures to shore to spawn.

Crappie Dock Patterns

Fish shallow areas of lakes as water temperatures warm to capitalize on this spring bite. Crappies become very aggressive this time of the year and will usually strike anything that comes close to them.

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  • Best Crappie Lures and Baits – Jigs, Spinners, Spoons & Fly Fishing.
  • Crappie Fishing.

Crappie fishing includes your fishing setup, crappie fishing equipment, and tactics you need if you want to catch them this year. Fishing Setups for Crappie Fishing. Do not get too complex with your crappie fishing equipment. Just about any rod and reel combo can get the job done. Generally, you want to fish an ultralight or light rod with a fast action. Go with a small reel and spool it with 4- to 8-lb test fluorocarbon fishing line. Stick to light line when fishing in open water and heavier line when fishing for crappies in dense vegetation and cover.

Similarly to your fishing setup, tackle choices are fairly basic too. Live bait has to be your number one crappie fishing lure choice.

Best Artificial Bait for Bluegill, Crappie and other Sunfish in the Summer

Small minnows and live worms work best when fished at defined depths. Either at spawning depths in the spring or offshore at schooling fish, live bait produces. Hook a minnow through the back so it creates action and use a small piece of worm so that just the hook is covered completely. Use single hooks in size 10 or 12 with slip bobbers to position the bait at the right depth.

Good electronics like those from Lowrance help you target exactly the depth crappies are at.

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  6. Some anglers only fish live bait for crappies but crappie fishing also includes a range of artificial baits. Crappie fishing lures like small plastic tubes or curl tail worms produce when jig fishing for crappies. Also, small spoons and small crankbaits can work well just before fish spawn when they are aggressive.

    Try the Strike King Slab Hammer Crappie Crankbait in bleeding sexy shad along weed edges or near rock outcrops as a crankbait choice. Use natural colors in soft plastics and crankbaits while silver spoons and spinners work the best. Crappie fishing usually says sit over a bobber and wait for the crappie bite.

    A tried and true crappie fishing tactic but go out of your comfort zone with this tactic. A jig fished below a slip-bobber tipped with a crappie minnow is a favorite.

    Sizes and dressings

    A small split shot added about a foot above the jig completes the system. One key to the system is the use of the right bobber. The right bobber is small, sensitive, and bright colored to allow it to be seen in low light since the peak bite is often right before dark. They feature sleek, elongated pear shapes to help detect the lightest bites.

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    Plus, they have hi-vis stems that can be seen easily in low light and, the stems also feature Slip-N-Slide grommets that allow line to slide through likes its greased enabling anglers to catch even the lightest of biting spring crappies. Small jigs fished below bobbers fish well on light line.

    I prefer 4-pound test Trilene XL monofilament fished on a 7-foot light action spinning rod and reel combination. A final presentation tip regarding spring crappies is to keep your bait lively and change it often. Lively bait attracts and catches more fish than dying, worn out bait. In fact, last spring I out fished an angler next to me along the bank of my favorite crappie channel using the same presentation. This container is insulated and has an aerator to keep my minnows alive.

    Bobby Garland

    Plus, it features a lift-out net that lets me drain the water before catching a minnow preventing me from getting wet, cold hands on those chilly spring outings. As was mentioned earlier, low light periods often mean peak crappie bites. Last spring , my daughter Hannah and I had some memorable evenings by waiting to go fishing just before dark and then staying an hour or so after.