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The rarity of true friendship was emphasised in the writings of the inventor of the essay form, Michel de Montaigne. This unflattering attribution aside, the language of their friendship seems, to a modern reader, distinctly romantic. Friendship could encompass a love that we moderns find hard to credit outside the bonds of an erotic attachment.

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So is it possible to have a friend like this in the modern age? For I am a woman and such heights of friendship were never thought attainable by mere females.

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It is again a reminder that feelings were culturally conditioned and historically variable. Skip to main content. They seemed interesting in , and they seem interesting in Plapinger is a powerful singer, someone who very much sounds like she belongs perched on footlights. The song seems to be accelerating slightly for its entire length, obsessive irritation gathering force.

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On "No Guilt in Pleasure" another one of those mission-statement style song titles , tiny thumb pianos share space with tarmac-sized synths, while Plapinger dips into the throaty, throbbing lower end of her register. In general, MS MR have a much better feel for "small, tense, and interesting" than they do for "big and soaring"—the verses crackle with friction and ideas, while the choruses taste generic.

We do all this preparation to give a balanced show, and he goes out and gets treated like women get treated every day -- like a piece of meat.

But there was always a question: would he perform his most famous song? Are you crazy?

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And so, he performed it -- closing sets with an extended version just like he did right after it came out, having his band members peel away so that he could finish the show solo. However, he was not handing out red roses to the audience afterward this time around. Ultimately it is his voice, and it is because he is who he is.

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