Power of Freedom From Perversion

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In the last five years, this is a phenomenon being experienced by all of civil society. Violence and impunity do not discriminate; they are impacting on everyone equally. Journalists are not the exception to this sobering rule. But perhaps the most terrifying aspect of the situation in Mexico is that despite the more than 60, individuals who have been assassinated in less than six years—children, women and men, upstanding citizens, some of whom have been riddled with bullets, tortured or chopped up—despite the thousands of people who have disappeared; despite the fact that less than three percent of crimes that are committed are actually punished; despite the narcobloqueos drug-related roadblocks that paralyze entire cities in the interior of the country; despite the rampant corruption at all levels of government Despite all of this, it's as if nothing has happened.

I have had an opportunity to meet and talk with journalists from around the world who have come to Mexico in the last three years to experience the adrenaline rush that results from a "safari" adventure marked by terror and death. They go in search of shootings, cadavers, the body parts that turn up; they count those who are hung out to dry or are killed, and they interview corrupt government officials and even hired assassins.

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At times they are disappointed if they don't come across anything worthy or dramatic enough to film. They do not realize that the Mexican state is on the verge of collapse. In some ways this is understandable. Part of Mexican society is still unable to perceive this reality while the part that does is too afraid to admit what it is seeing. One day one can be walking calmly down the street in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and the next day be terrorized by narcobloqueos.

Trucks that have been set on fire may be blocking the main avenues, or there are shootings or hand grenades exploding among the traffic—brazen displays of the power of the drug-trafficking cartels. One week later there may be no signs that anything untoward happened. Calm returns to daily life and no one understands when or how drug trafficking took over their formerly "peaceful" and beautiful city, nor when and how the violence might return. Mario Vargas Llosa, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, once famously said that Mexico is the "perfect dictatorship".

Today it is a perfect criminal state.

FDR’s Worst Perversion of Freedom: The

To contemplate this reality, to voice it or write about it, is more dangerous than being a drug trafficker or being at the service of the drug-trafficking trade. The most repressive regime of all time is characterized by criminal activity which hides its power behind an apparently legal facade made up of the political and economic powers in Mexico. This, combined with a torpid society stupefied by indifference or fear, makes up the perfect mix that allows this perverse regime to continue to reign.

Currently, the drug-trafficking trade in Mexico enjoys a power that bestows on it perverse benefits—benefits that would be the envy of any mafia around the world.

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Maybe that's because it's the only image in the campaign that features two people, so facial expression and eye contact play a significant role. In the photograph, both politicians have smiles splashed across their faces, and are engaged in a seemingly private moment in a not-so-private place. It's awkward given our knowledge of their relationship, but also given the fact that politician's faces are notoriously difficult to read.

With so much time spent projecting false emotions, it's impossible to find the truth. In this case, Obama's expression makes him out to be a creep, while Clinton's remains more vague.

The Perversion of Rights

She is smiling, but it's that same manufactured happiness we've seen her exhibit through the scandals of her husband's presidency and the meteoric arc of her own political career. No matter the image, censorship and the consequences of censorship are the key themes here. As always, what remains to be seen is how effective or ineffective an awareness campaign like this will be. Everyone talks like that these days.

Instead, why not try one of our tasty nutritious rights du jour? That would be a matrix as in some sort of intricate biological sequencing very few people can understand? Or a Matrix as in the illusory world created to maintain a supine citizenry by all-controlling government officials?

First, unlike real rights — to freedom of speech and freedom of religion — these new freedoms come with quite a price tag. Er, in fact, according to the Senate Budget Committee, U.

When Comte hijacked liberalism

I used to think that the U. Constitution would prove more resilient than the less absolutist liberties of other Western nations. But the president has calculated that, with Obamacare, the First Amendment and much else will crumble before his will. And, given trends in U. More articles. Previous articles. Most Popular.

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