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Moses created the Hebrew religion by reworking the pagan Sumerian religions and mythologies. They were not the original Adam and Eve known as our Mitochondria Mother race. They were related to the human hybrid Adamic race that was artificially inseminated in Atlantis. Most of the Old Testament information was written around Sumerian and Atlantian legends. They were not the original Mitochondria bloodline on earth nor were they the indigenous Sumerians who were Scandinavians that lived in Fertile Crescent before the Semites came to town.

The Semites migrated up to and operated out of Akkad, Babylon and Sumeria as well but they were not the indigenous Scandinavian race they were human hybrids also known as Semites. Moses seems to have started the Hebrew Israelite religion, which was very different from the Jewish religion because they worshipped different alien gods. The god of the Sumerians was Enlil and Enki. They were what we call aliens today who lived under the sea. According to the Sumerian documents Enki is then punished for winning the war against god El and forced to live in underground tunnels and caverns, which is where they live and operate out of today.

Enlil and Enki were the El gods to the Canaanites and the Hebrews. These alien gods created a hybrid bloodline to till the soil for them and become their worker bees as they dug canals and tended the Garden of Eden. Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge reportedly says something about a day when mankind will crush the head of the Nachash as the Nachash bites at the heel of mankind.

Today we are battling the Nachash in the skies and on the ground, probably in underground caves etc. Seth was the son of Adam and Eve. He carried the DNA of our original Mitochondria mothers who were symbolically known as the dust of the earth or red clay, which means that he was part human with E. Junk DNA. Eve was a cloned hybrid from Adams DNA, which makes her a human alien hybrid as well.

Their son Seth would have been a human hybrid also with the E. Enoch when translated becomes Iraq. Thank you so much for letting me know that the pdf links you click into off my pdf list are not loading for you. I had no idea this was happening. It takes a long time to search for pictures that do this on Google Images so when I find a good one I want to share it with all of you especially all of you right brained people. After you informed me I found a way to contact the free pdf service that I use online and they did some checking for me as to why my pdf links were inactive or gone.

My pdf service said that to prevent this from happening that I have to hire a service that will provide that protection. His forehead plain and very delicate; His face without spot or wrinkle, beautified with a lovely red; His nose and mouth so formed as nothing can be reprehended; His beard thickish, in colour like His hair, not very long, but forked; His look innocent and mature; His eyes grey, clear, and quick- In reproving hypocrisy He is terrible; in admonishing, courteous and fair spoken; pleasant in conversation, mixed with gravity.

It cannot be remembered that any have seen Him Laugh, but many have seen Him Weep. In proportion of body, most excellent; His hands and arms delicate to behold. In speaking, very temperate, modest, and wise. We can see that the descendents of the Nazarenes are alive and well today and that they are not the same bloodlines being featured in the Holy Grail books, which is in all reality the hybrid bloodlines of Cain.

About these ads. So far i have gotten different stories on the new world order and its enforcers. Today i throw a towel because i find myself at the the junction of differing information.

by Buyer Beware, April 27, 2010Published here: Saturday,

One minute jesus has been covertly given drug on the cross by the essene member to pass him out half dead inorder to declare him dead as a means to facilitate his escapement to France thereby dying as the bloodine of the Merovingan. The next he has blood connection to Merovingans. Now Wes Peres claims Illuminati works for the good of mankind and has just found that the powers that be had infilltrate the real Illuminati to destruct its real mission.

David Ickes books make sence especially when explaining the nature of realities and the hidden evil and babarism of the powers that be. You all make sense by common sence when one absorbs your information and edited it in minds eye but so frustrating when there is no connection to your stories. Come on people. Ant we supposed to be on the same page if we are working for. I think the evil ones get a step ahead of us by capitalizing from the confusion born of our conflicting written pieces and medias such as internet. Until hearing from you.

We are supposed to be confused that probably wont change , but at least were still looking, and trying to be discerning were not stuck on false facts and are seeking the truth. Thumbs up to you all. Reply comment-. Ewan says: October 19, at am 0 0 Rate ThisGreat site. Please visit mine on the aryan people Thanks. Makes no senseReply comment-.

Last Kings Snapback says: October 1, at pm 0 0 Rate This You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something that I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, Ill try to get the hang of it! She is being blocked, censored oin Before Its News and Facebook and in many other ways. My ancestors come from Sweden.

I was reading about the Kensington Runestone, and came up with your site. Yes, I have had to have the Rhogam shot for my births.. This is an interesting read. These evil entities love to synchonize events on a daily basis. Im strong and find them a joke full of amusement. God has strenthened me. For yrs. It has to be hyperdimensional beings working for satan and the elite. They are many.

They control the minds of humans to stalk. Gets old after awhile. They have primitive minds with plenty of money,manpower,technology but unable to conclude sucess thnaks to Gods help. Erin says: October 18, at pm 0 0 Rate ThisI can relate. I used to think I was just paranoid, until I read all these blogs.

Jesus Bloodine — a Scandinavia Magdalenian Line

I could write a book on my lifes experiences. Ive been stalked by the government, IRS, law enforcement, etc. I just always sincerely tried to help everyone I could. Yet, I am seemingly targeted for some unknown reason. There cant be this many coincidences. I only found out I was O- in 84, while pregnant with my daughter and thats when it all began. Nothing notable until the age of Makes sense now. Events that transpired are unbelievable to most and still occur today, although on a lesser level, due to my heightened awareness.

I used to think the electrical interferences, watch stopping and amazing intuition were irregular, until the incidents began. Innumerable and inexplicable. My question is WHY??? I just clicked in to view the blog comments today: Tuesday, February 14, Thank you for the positive feed back. Yes we are all brothers and as Gunar stated on Sept. Yes we have all been lied to and more people are becoming aware of this every day. It simply takes time for some people to realize this. Take care and God Speed to all of you who are waking up and to those of you who simply dont understand yet.

You can contact me directly at: rootrace yahoo. Lisa says: October 16, at pm 0 0 Rate ThisI dont know about the alien part, but I studied Biological Anthropology at university and the program covered the different humanoids such as Neanderthal and CroMagnon. Some lived at the same time as one another and could have produced various tribes with differing blood types.

Whether one blood line is superior to the other is not something I can comment on. I go by the identity Buyers Beware to protect myself. I briefly read some of the bloggers comments here today. A couple of you obviously did not read my article and when that happens you then misunderstand my intent. They created human hybrid races to do their bidding for them and these races became their victims.

These hybrid races worshipped them and at the same time were terrified of them. This is what Jesus Yashua meant when he said that we are all brothers. This is not a race issue it is a hybrid factor. The entities responsible for changing our DNA are the enemies of mankind. They did not create our mothers they tampered with their DNA after the fact. They are evil beyond words and need to be exposed. I have published several articles on line that are on the top or first page of many Goggle searches.

They have been so popular I decided to place these articles in books and sell them as E-Books. To find my books at Kindle Books you can click into the link. Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger on the New Evangelization. Pesquisar no documento. Ant we supposed to be on the same page if we are working for 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 the spiritual and physical freedom of mankind? ThanksReply sexyshygurl says: November 13, at pm 0 0 Rate ThisThere was a time where the illuminati, and masons were good and wanted to help, i think now there are two evil has to do something to keep us confused right?

It is false because some people who wrote the New Testament did spend time with Jesus, such as Matthew, John, and Peter. The re-.

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None of the early Christians thought Jesus was God. The Church made that up in the 4th century. When we read the Bible, we have to keep in mind that these texts were written years ago for a different audience and a different culture.

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  • The Bustan of Sadi & The Rubayyat of Omar Khayyam.
  • Living Life In A Messed Up Situation Volume 1.
  • Nobelpreise: Brisante Affairen, umstrittene Entscheidungen (Erlebnis Wissenschaft) (German Edition).

When St. She chose to make this statement in the 4th century because some people, following a priest named Arius, had started to deny it. Instead, the Church simply declared officially what she had always believed and taught, which is what Jesus and his Apostles taught from the beginning. No one would find this claim more surprising than the people who live in Nazareth to this day. It certainly is a real place. I have been there! With a current population of about 75,, Nazareth has grown quite a bit larger over the past years ago.

At the time of Jesus, it was a simple, unimportant village, so it is not mentioned in writing in those early days. It certainly was around, though, as archaeological evidence suggests that the place has been inhabited since the 2nd millennium B. The story of Jesus is just a re-telling of the Egyptian myth of the God Horus.

The few times I have. It is striking, though, how often people on the internet bring up ancient mythology in an attempt to debunk Christian history. The myth of the Egyptian God named Horus is a prime example. I have heard the most incredible claims about this Egyptian deity, such as the claim that Horus was born of a virgin named Meri, was prophesied by an angel and visited by shepherds. Unfortunately for Horus, none of these tales were told about him in Egypt.

There was no angel Gabriel in the Horus story, nor were there any shepherd guests on his birthday. This Egyptian god was said to have had sixteen followers in his band, not twelve, and there definitely was no crucifixion and resurrection story associated with Horus. Horus was many things in Egyptian mythology, such as a sky god or a god of the hunt.

Often he is depicted as a falcon or as a man with a falcon head. Numerous stories about Horus, some fun, some frightful, survive in ancient Egyptian texts, but nothing in the tales of Horus gives any hint of being the basis for stories about Jesus. This claim is almost as old as Christianity! Mithras was a popular god in the Roman Empire, so the cult of Mithras popped up quite often back then, in opposition to the early Christians. One famous Church in Rome, San Clemente, is built on top of an ancient temple to Mithras, which itself was built on top of a more ancient Catholic Church!

To this day, people still make outlandish statements about the cult of Mithras in an attempt to debunk Christianity. These claims, like the ones about Horus, are false. Often people imagine that ancient Judaism was completely united, that everyone shared the same expectations about the Messiah. A cursory glance at the real situation in Israel and the Mediterranean world years ago reveals that this presumption is far from the truth.

Even the Bible recognizes the variety of viewpoints in Judaism at that time, mentioning the Pharisees, Sadducees, Zealots, and other groups. Along with different viewpoints on other issues, Jews at that time disagreed about who the Messiah would be and what he would do.

There was no catechism listing the qualities of the Messiah that all children had to learn! The fact is, some Jews certainly did think Jesus was the Messiah, believing that he fulfilled the requirements for being the Messiah. These Jews became the first Christians.

Think of St. Paul, an extremely well-educated man, familiar with the teachings of the Rabbi Gamaliel and instructed in the doctrine of the Pharisees. With all that training, St. Paul recognized Jesus as the Messiah because Jesus fulfilled the requirements. Many other Jews agreed with St. Paul and saw Jesus as the Messiah foretold in the Old Testament. You both get dirty and the pig enjoys it. If you hear one of these ideas, you now have the facts and can provide a reasonable answer. Then start with www.

He studies Old Testament languages and literary forms. They do a great job. So, on a cold February morning, we rolled into Frankston to see how they do it. They make it possible for St. Charles to offer assistance to the community and welcome as many people as we can. It seems to be growing, however.

In the past six months, our average has been 78 families. I am not aware of. Our clients LOVE us! Why the extra service? We give them the absolute best service we can. Volunteers register clients, determine the exact mix of foods needed, and create tickets customized to each family. Once the clients pull into the loading area, vounteers take the tickets, create the order, and load it for the clients. They provide all the documents we need and the training we need to serve our clients with respect and dignity. They have continued to support us monetarily over the past year with various donations, and our food pantry has partnered with them to serve as a mentor to other parishes in the diocese that they put in contact with us.

When another parish shows that they. Charles that we have another leg to our food pantry work: a group of about 13 volunteers who actually go work at the East Texas Food Bank warehouse. They work hours each month there, re-packing bulk food, such as rice or beans, into smaller one pound packages for easier distribution. Some are managed solely by the parish; others are a community effort that includes a Catholic parish. We currently provide financial support to approximately 20 food pantries within the Diocese. Whether it is purchasing bags of groceries to distribute from the church office, gift cards for a burger or sandwich, or establishing a food pantry, Catholic Charities can assist parishes in this ministry.

We caught Sue Brown dressing these heads of cabbage, spending extra time to make them look perfect. Our clients deserve the best. Do you want to achieve social justice? Do your best! We interviewed him about his life, Catholic education, and his plans for TK Gorman.

I went to elementary school in The Troubles had begun in earnest in August of , so that was 6 years into the Troubles, where our community was divided against itself—nationalist against unionist, Protestant against Catholic. There was murder and mayhem on a daily basis. One of my memories from elementary school was as I was preparing for confirmation. Our parish church attached to our school, St. We had to receive confirmation in the gymnasium of the school. That had a great impact on me, because we realized that we were under siege as Catholics. Many anti-Catholics had risen to power in the government, and they were determined to keep Catholics as second-class citizens.

And so one of the things I received from school was a political awareness, that we were a people under siege, and an occupied people, but also the importance of our Faith, down through the ages. We as a Catholic community have clung to the Faith—not just for ten years or a hundred years, sacrificing our own lives for the Catholic Faith. My secondary education was at our diocesan college, St. So my entire formation as a child was in Catholic school. In the elementary school, my instructors were lay men and women.

In secondary school, the diocesan college, they were again mostly lay men and lay women, but also some priests. They were a real example to me, as to what it meant to be a good priest, to be a good disciple. I entered the diocesan college when I was twelve, and attended from twelve to eighteen. I left the diocesan college and basically went right across the street into. I then went to St. In , the rector of the seminary put me in contact with Bishop Carmody, the second Bishop of Tyler.

After conversations with Bishop Carmody, and because of his willingness to receive me into the Diocese of Tyler, I joined the diocese. I was ordained a deacon of the diocese in , and first came to Tyler in the summer of , and I worked in the cathedral for three months. I then returned to Ireland, back to seminary, and was ordained a priest just before Christmas, , by Bishop Carmody. I taught at the Catholic University of America for six semesters.

I returned about two years ago to be Vicar General of the diocese and to be pastor of Mary, Queen of Heaven in Malakoff. Several months ago, the bishop first began talking to me about the possibility of coming here to Gorman. I studied philosophy and Latin, and then theology. I have a license in canon law and a doctorate in canon law, then I taught canon law. That background is very important because not only is it a background in theology but a background in reason and discipline.

I think that reason and discipline are very important for the ministries that I will exercise here at the school. CET: How important was your Catholic education in confirming your vocation? Father McLaughlin: Oh, very. When I was 11 or 12, going to the diocesan college, the expectation was that you were going to be a dentist or a doctor, or a lawyer— something that would make a contribution to the community.

I had passed an exam called the Eleven Plus, which meant that I had had a choice of colleges to go to without tuition. So I thought at first I would be a doctor. And then when I was 16 or 17, I thought maybe I might be a priest. It was the example of the hope of the Catholic people around me, but more importantly the example of the priests around me, that made it very real and very attainable—that this was something that perhaps I might be called to, and that I perhaps could attain in my life. And so, I felt called to be a priest.

All of that is very mysterious because as a priest, I became both an academic doctor and lawyer. So the Lord is never outdone in generosity. I ended up becoming all that I ever wanted to be. For me, that was very thrilling. CET: How important is the presence of priests in a school? Father McLaughlin: Very important, for many reasons. But hopefully, even more deeply, the interior life of the priest is made vis-. That if he is a person who loves the Lord, if he is a disciple, if he is a person of prayer, if he is committed to the faith as expressed by the Church —that manifests itself in the interaction of the students with him in the school.

But hopefully, the invisible is also made present in his example. The usefulness of the priest that you have engenders vocations. But, the Church was always conscious that the Catholicity of the school needed to be preserved, and that was the function of the president: he represented the interest of the Church in every aspect of the life of the school.

Father McLaughlin: Up to this point, the principal has been expected to be the jack of all trades: the master educator, the master faith former, the master curriculum director. Additionally, they were expected to be the development officer, the chief fundraiser, and the chief cheerleader. But now, with the president-principal model, these responsibilities are shared between the president and the principal, each person focusing on the areas that they feel gifted in.

The president-principal model is not an attempt to add another layer of bureaucracy. It is a leadership model that can serve the school better, because I get to focus on Catholicity, publicity, affordability, and advancement. The principal gets to focus on the classroom, and the two of us complement each other. I hope to teach some classes, because my goal is not just to represent the school to the outside, but my role is also to understand the school from the inside.

I can only help the school if I understand it from the inside. It is a significant leadership role and a significant pastoral role. I will relocate to Tyler soon, hopefully close to the school. I will office here at the school and at the chancery, and my responsibilities will be to the school and to the chancery.

The president-principal model affords the possibility that what the principal had to shoulder for so long is now shared. Now, you have two people in leadership, and hopefully they can focus on areas of ministry that they are particularly competent in. The role of the president is very significant.

The president is not merely a part-time mascot or a cheerleader for the school. It is a position of true responsibility, of true leadership. The president is the primary administrator for the school. He focuses on the areas of Catholicity, Publicity, Affordability, and Advancement. Catholicity is the making of disciples and the nurturing of the Faith within the school. Publicity, so that the people come to know the presence of our Catholic school, and not only that they are made aware of it, but that they come to respect if ever more deeply and want to support it.

Affordability, so that Catholic education is available to all. Advancement, so that our Catholic school is not static, but is a growing and improving entity. Interestingly enough, the school I went to, since its foundation in , had adopted the president-principal model for its governance. Morne was the principal and Father Conway was president, so we had that model.

In our school system, to be honest, there was not a lot of fund ra i s i n g , be-. But what does all of that mean? It begins with Christ. How do I relate to the Lord? In what ways do I have the supernatural present in my life? In what ways do I live the elegant life? In what ways do I live my discipleship in a more intense way? So it begins with Christ, and flows into other areas. But, we have to begin it here in the school. Is prayer a part of daily life? Is the prayer substantial, is the prayer meaningful? How are we worshiping the Lord as a community at Mass?

What is our outreach to the community? Are we taking care of the poor? Are we taking care of the vulnerable? Do we have any meaningful outreach? It has to be available to all and for all. Father McLaughlin: No, not at all. Because to be truly Catholic is. Because we will propose the Catholic faith as the fullness of the Christian message, we will propose the faith as the best way to salvation.

Hopefully, in that regard, the Presbyterian, the Methodist, the Jewish person, the Muslim—whoever attends our school would not feel that somehow we are not tolerating their belief system, but they should feel that we are calling them to much more. And that much more is present, fully, in the teaching communicated by the Church. CET: Can you expound on the importance of Mass for the school? So, we need to celebrate the Mass here at Gorman fully, actively, and consciously. We need to participate in the mass with great joy, with great earnestness.

And how is that done? Do the students participate? Are they making the responses loudly? Are they attentive when the readings are proclaimed? Are the students open when the preaching takes place? Do we adopt the necessary postures, not just simply as an exercise, but as devotion? And there is an expectation, when we kneel there is an expectancy—not just simple observance. I think our students do really well in their participation in the.

Mass on Wednesdays, but I think we need to root it very deeply. The students in a Catholic school cannot approach the Mass as a biology lesson, a history lesson, something to be gotten through. God deserves the praise that is his due. And we must render unto God the praise that is his due, and from that comes everything else. There is no love of neighbor where there is no love of God. There is no love of neighbor where there is no proper worship of God. It is absolutely fundamental. And how do we feed the Mass? The Mass is fed by our daily commitment to Christ as individuals and as a school community.

What are we doing for devotional life to stir the people to have a love for the Lord and not just a love for the religious structure of the Mass? It has to be a love for the Lord himself. CET: The president is responsibility for the teaching of theology in the school. What do you hope for in the teaching of theology? Father McLaughlin: We know, of course, that in Catholic school there are many subjects taught, and rightly so. We know that all of those subjects should be taught through the lens of Christ, because Christ is the beginning and end of history. He is the Alpha and the Omega.

He is the center of the universe and the savior of all. All that is good, beautiful, and true comes from him and leads back to him. So we have all subjects taught, but the flagship department at Gorman should be the theology department. It needs to have the best and brightest and because this is the very reason for the establishment of our school—that people learn the.

Our school was not established for biology or math, as important and necessary as those subjects are. And while we invite people to excel, theology must be the flagship in our school, meaning that our students leave our school with a tremendously deep sense of our faith, and an ability to articulate our faith: why we believe what we believe.

And not only the ability to articulate our faith, but an articulation that is translated into the way they live their lives. I send my children to Gorman because of the way the faith is taught there. CET: The statistical data on our culture points to a crisis of faith in young people. What do you think of that trend, and how does your mission at GK Gorman relate to the state of faith among young people? The students, upon leaving high school and entering college, are leaving the faith— even students who attend Catholic school.

When you compare students at a Catholic school and students at a state school, students at a Catholic school are much more likely to continue practicing the faith into the future than those who attend a state school. However, the fact that any Catholic would leave a Catholic school and no longer live the Catholic faith is a tragedy. It begs two things from me.


First of all, I recognize free will. We all have the gift of free will. However, I have to be con-. In conscience, I have to be sure before God that we make every effort that the foundation we provide them with is the best possible foundation. What would pain me, and what would keep me awake at night, is that we would simply not have done enough to keep people in the faith. So if there is an area of greatest concern, it is this one. We have now entered the final phase of this campaign but there is still much work to be done. I urge all the faithful and all persons of good will to step forward to support this campaign.

Please help us, so that the Brodnax Family Crusader Center may become a reality! Anyone wishing to help us in this important work, please contact me directly at TK Gorman Catholic School, Your contribution to this campaign will benefit generations of Catholic school students to come. Thank you for your generosity to our Catholic schools in the Diocese of Tyler. I know some people are put off because of the cost of tuition, and I resolve to help anybody who wants to send their child to a Catholic school, to make it work.

Father Sardinas: I am a Cuban priest. I was born in Cuba in February of I have two brothers and three sisters. I went to seminary in September In , what was happening to the Catholic Church in Cuba? Were people free to go to church? Father Sardinas: In , whoever wanted to go to church could go, but the problem was that the people who went to church and believed in God had no rights to go to university, to study medicine, or whatever. This was the right for the revolutionaries. I was baptized in secret, but had no instruction in the faith.

Shortly after the Revolution, when persecution of Catholics was most intense, she built herself a secret shrine. She moved a heavy wardrobe into the corner of the room, with just enough space so she could slip behind. There, she had a crucifix and a sacred heart image, and she would go to her secret shrine to pray every day. My godmother lived next door.

She prayed the rosary every day—maybe five or six times a day. I was baptized when I was maybe two years old, in secret, at the parish. You could profess your faith publicly, but if you professed your faith, you had no rights. And my parents preferred that I studied. For me, Jesus was the man on top of the cross, with the crown of thorns, which I thought was some kind of hat!

For me, it was a tremendous discovery. Reading the New Testament was a passionate experience. I received confirmation and holy Eucharist when I was 17 or Three years later, in , I went to the seminary. I started seminary in , in a class of 21, but by the halfway point in formation, all the other 20 had left and I was alone.

Cuban government until Once an agreement was made between Cuba and the Vatican, preparations began for the visit. My bishop traveled to the Vatican to discuss the arrangements with the Pope. In the meeting, Saint John Paul asked my bishop how many men would be ordained for the nation of Cuba in As the only transitional deacon in the country that year, I got to serve as deacon in the Papal Mass at Santa Clara, the first Mass that the Pope celebrated in Cuba. It impacted me how the Pope paid attention.

Father Sardinas: When I was 15, I was following a pretty girl down the street to try to talk to her, and she went into a church. I followed her inside, and as soon as I was there, the priest engaged me, and I forgot all about the girl. A catechist gave me a New Testament, and I read it in three days. I saw that it had the answers to the questions I was asking about the purpose of life.

I had. CET:So, you were ordained in August, and there were no other priests in your year, and there were not enough priests in Cuba, so you went immediately to work? Father Sardinas: Yes. I was a pastor with 11 churches: two parishes, two chapels, and seven gatherings of Catholics in homes, in little towns.

The good thing was that I had a group of nuns with me. I would leave the nuns in a place to prepare—to visit the sick, prepare the choir, the youth, the catechesis, the faith formation. And then I came back to say Mass. I was becoming a target, and exile was near. It went on for a while, and then I decided to come to Miami. CET: Was it difficult to leave Cuba or did the government want you to go? To have a priest in Cuba is a problem. Fewer priests, fewer problems. Father Sardinas: Priests are nuisances to the Cuban government, because the social doctrine of the Catholic Church, the teachings on life and human dignity, are contrary to communism.

Out of 2, priests in the nation in , Castro exiled 1, After I was ordained, I immediately began to preach against the human rights violations of the Cuban government—in particular, the splitting up of families through compulsory boarding education. The government took children away from the family to teach them to rely on the commune.

I talked about what is important for the families, their duty with their children. They had to pay more attention to their children. They had the right to educate their children like they want, not as the government wants. The government should not be responsible for the children. My bishop. Through her, he knew I was going to Puerto Rico, and he contacted me and invited me to come. Come and visit us. When I arrived in Dallas, I liked the airport and I liked the people. They were very friendly. But when I flew from Dallas to Tyler, I had to carry my luggage on my legs because it was a little plane.

And when I arrived to the airport in Tyler, it was just a little house in a field in the the country! Texas is the country. CET: So what changed your mind? The United States is a great country. I love the United States. This nation has two great things: freedom and respect of life. Yes, it is prohibited to teach religion in the public schools. But in the prison, you can go and minister. What is better? To teach God in the school or to teach God in the prison? The Church has freedom here that it does not have in Cuba. Sins make us more animal, not human.

The Church helps us practice all those things that help us to become more human. What are your thoughts about the Cuban Revolution and communism? Father Sardinas: The government has had a lot of time to destroy the quality of life and to change the mind of everybody. I remember when I was in elementary school, in my classroom, there was one Catholic. Maybe twice a month, the principal went to the door of the classroom and called that one student out to intimidate her. The communists are afraid of the Catholic Church because its social doctrine promotes human flourishing, dignity, and freedom.

Father Sardinas: If Fidel Castro were still governing now, and he died, something would change. But he was no longer in government, so nothing really changed. Lessons to pass along CET: What would you like to say to our readers and to seminarians or young men considering the priesthood? Father Sardinas: What is my message to the priests and to the seminarians? This is our diocese. The meaning of our priesthood is here. This is the diocese of mission. This is my diocese. They arrived on January 28 the feast of St.

The Prioress General, Sister Mariola, and Sister Irene who is now the local superior of the convent in Palestine came to visit the diocese in early Sister Angelica Orozco, coordinator of catechesis for the diocese and I drove them around the diocese for a week. They wanted to know everything about East Texas. They were particularly interested in the piety of the people.

They had never been to Texas before, and noted the kindness of the people. When we obtained the convent, we knew it could happen. Two years later, when there was interest from parishioners in Paris to have religious sisters at Our Lady of Victory, it was natural to work with the Sisters of Fatima again. She liked what she saw. Generous donors, people who need the sisters, and we even had a convent on the property!

This place already feels like home. We are dedicated to supporting their life as religious nuns, not just as teachers or employees. The fruit of their ministry really comes from their prayer, and then is manifested publicly in their works. We have to first cherish and protect their life of prayer. The kids and even the catechists were impressed and even a little awed to learn about the schedule of prayer the sisters keep for the parish and the world.

They were also impressed to know that the sisters have a chapel in their convent. We are very thankful that she gets to be part of this team. And, if God wills it, in July I will make my first profession of vows. This experience of mission here in Texas has been very different, and not what I expected, from the different language to everything else, but a great growth in my life, spiritually and personally. Therefore, I give thanks to God! Thank you for this opportunity. It is very much a blessing for this community to work with the families here. Our founder, Madre Dominga, founded this community to work with families and to help families grow in the love of God.

We thank everyone for this blessing here in Paris, Texas. It takes an entire diocese, working with pastors, donors and parishioners. It can happen, but it takes a coordinated effort. Necesitamos el Catolicismo y por lo tanto necesitamos su desarrollarlo. Necesitamos no avergonzarnos de Jesucristo y su Iglesia en nuestras escuelas.