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It doesn't take weeks, either.

How To Potty Train a Puppy - How to House Train Your Dog

It only takes three days to properly housebreak a week-old puppy. A team of professional dog handlers and breeders - people who know dogs, understand dogs, and above all, love dogs - created this uniquely efficient and proven three-day housebreaking program for you to train your puppy, in the easiest way possible, in just a few days. While it may sound impossible, or at least hard to accomplish, that simply isn't the fact here. If you know what switch turns each light on and off, it is easy to enlighten your path and save on electric bills.

There should never be any punishment involved.

Defining Tasks

Rubbing his nose in it, hitting him, rolling a newspaper—these are all things that are proven ineffective. More important, it just breaks down the bond between you and your pup. Physically punishing a puppy for going to the restroom in the house is like spanking a one-year-old for going in their diaper. Write it off as a failure on your part, clean it up, and move on. Again, do not punish the puppy. You failed him, he did not fail you. You violated the biggest rule in housebreaking: You failed to give him total supervision. This is so important it is worth mentioning once more: If you do not physically catch your dog in the act, chalk it up to a loss on your behalf and move on.

Make it your goal to catch him every single time.

How to Train Your Dog to Go Potty

For every time your pup goes in the house without being caught in the act, you add a few more days to the housebreaking process. So, if he is going in the house a couple times per day without getting caught in the act, the housebreaking process can be really prolonged. Your puppy should sleep in the crate every night when you go to bed again, because if you are sleeping, you cannot directly supervise him.

If your puppy does not go to the restroom, take him back in the house and put him back into the crate. Approximately 15 to 20 minutes later. Repeat this until your puppy does go to the restroom outside.

Housebreaking a Puppy – A Time Proven Potty Training Routine..

This does two things: It prevents him from coming back in and minutes later going to the restroom in your house and will teach your puppy that he has to go to the restroom or he will keep going back into the crate until he does. After a few days of this, he will just go outside the first time you take him out. After he goes to the restroom outside, bring him back into your house and leave him out of the crate, remembering to directly supervise him.

We recommend that you do not put padding in the crate until the pup is housebroken and more mature. We feel this is important for a couple of reasons. Additionally, often puppies who have padding in the crate will still urinate in their crate because the padding acts as a sponge and absorbs the urine.

Therefore, it does not bother them to urinate there; the padding acts as a diaper. What about puppy pads? I think puppy pads are a bad idea, especially if you have a puppy that will grow into a large dog. Additionally, as the pup grows into a larger dog, do you really want them going to the restroom inside your house? They may go in a specific spot, however, the smell usually permeates the whole house. Another important thing to remember is to never let your dog out of the crate if he is actively barking or whining.

This will teach your dog that if he barks and whines long enough, you will let him out. It is like the child who throws a fit in the middle of the toy store, and then the parents buy the kid a toy. The child simply learns that if he makes a big enough scene, he will get his way. Dogs learn the same way. So never let your dog out of the crate if he is actively barking or whining.

Doing so rewards bad behavior. Your pup should learn that he gets out of the crate only when he is quiet. Just to clarify, your new puppy may whine in the middle of the night to let you know he has to go out.

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It is then acceptable to let him out of the crate, take him outside, use the key phrase, then come back in. However, once your puppy is old enough to hold it throughout the night generally around three to four months of age , never let him out based on whining or barking.


During the housebreaking process, we usually recommend cutting off food and water around 7 p. If you cut off food and water at around 7 p. Additionally, do not put food or water in the crate with the pup; again, this will cause him to have to go to the restroom in the middle of the night. Never use the crate as a place to punish your puppy, as hard as it sometimes may be.

Housebreaking (Potty Training) For Puppies and Adult Dogs

The crate should always be looked upon as something positive. The crate should be seen by the dog, as you see your bedroom, as a place to go, get away, and relax. It is also a good practice to feed him in the crate or give him a treat every time he goes in, again, associating it with something positive. When we do our p uppy training program in Northern Virginia , we always stress the importance of this. If you follow all these principles, you should have a very short housebreaking process and a dog that loves going into the crate.