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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, Join us at 4pm for this month's edition of our regular Introductory sessions. The simplest electric car in the world The days of over-elaborate technology are past.

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Now it's all about minimalist tech that is frugal and straightforward — such as DIY cars that don't need air conditioning or heating. We look at the simplest electric car in the world. Expert Interview -- Rare diseases He speaks with In Good Shape's Dr. Carsten Lekutat about the difficulties patients with rare diseases face, as well as new diagnostic techniques. Toxic caterpillar infestation plagues Germany Armed with flame torches and special vacuum cleaners, towns across Germany are trying to fight back against a plague of oak processionary caterpillars.

Their hair can cause painful rashes and even trigger asthma attacks. German cockroach gaining rapid resistance to insecticides Researchers say the findings mean it will become impossible to exterminate the common cockroach with chemicals alone. Female cockroaches have dozens of offspring in a three-month reproductive cycle. Should amateurs play sports in a heatwave?

Incidences of professional athletes collapsing while performing seem to have become all too common of late. But in the wake of Europe's heatwave, how should the rest of us get our outdoor exercise?

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Germany records all-time hottest June temperature The last day of June has beaten all previous temperature highs for the month. Heat-related deaths have been reported in several European countries. Germany: Rare red panda cub born in Halle Zoo officials in the eastern German city of Halle Saale announced Sunday that a red panda cub was born in a protected litter box earlier this month.

The unnamed cub is being looked after by his mother Cherry.

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The energy of waves - can we use it? The oceans and their waves could be a huge source of energy. Many have tinkered with the technology needed to harness this power. Up to now, it has been difficult. What new ideas could help us capture the energy of waves? Calming noise — why the sound of waves is so relaxing They break day and night - and it's been that way for millions of years.

Waves make noise. But why is that? And why does the noise relax us rather than disturb us? Climate research on the high, warming seas On a voyage from Antarctica to the German port of Bremerhaven, a team of scientists and students are hoping to gain a better understanding of rising temperatures in the depths of the open ocean. Painkillers - The expert's view Michael Schenk treats patients suffering from pain.

He discusses the most effective treatment options. Climate change compounds hunger, conflicts, German aid group says Climate change added to warfare is worsening hunger worldwide, according to one of Germany's largest aid groups. Welthungerhilfe has said many poor have "no more reserves or resilience left" when hit by extreme weather. Intense heat wave hits northern Europe Record temperatures have begun in northern Europe this week, with authorities in Germany and France on alert.

Experts have said heat waves are on the increase worldwide, further evidence of climate change. German scientists say spinach chemical should be banned from sports Popeye guzzled spinach to get his superhuman strength. But the plant's power-boosting properties aren't just fiction. German scientists say spinach has a steroid-like chemical that should be added to the doping list. Germany's Bundesliga to impose mandatory brain scans for footballers Medical experts have demanded annual brain screenings for all footballers playing for first and second division clubs in Germany.

They also recommend checking youth players, according to Bild newspaper. The road spends its breath on my efforts to clear the snow-drifts. The nitrogen has already vanished. And what about me? Me and the snow … The light is fixed. Translated by Chantal Wright. Der Erstick-Stoff ist bereits verdunstet. Ich, ich Das Licht ist unbeweglich.

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Said, I shall call you Bulgaria, just as Cleopatra was called Egypt. Stubbed out one cigarette after another in our hostess' flowerpots, sweat glistening on your forehead. Told me once again to read Cavafy, to think about the road to Ithaca. And you would have liked to be the woman I was and remained, strong Penelope who believed in Ithaca, much more in Ithaca and in Odysseus than in the road.

Your aimless wandering, your visions, life's call exhausted you because they were merely the road. Let me save you, I shall call you Odysseus, at least in the picture where, in the middle of the rain, your body departed from this world, from me, into nowhere, rearing up because Ithaca is necessary for the road. And then I will open the books, you and Homer next to each other and I will cry; it will smell of tobacco, of sweat, of man and of ink. Who is Herbert, who is Auden, and do we even need to mention Rilke! In Venice water acquires its poetic meaning: look how the angels beat out the rhythm — how dare you write without rhymes?

Caress the sheets of paper, respect demands it. Has anybody written poetry in the Balkans since Orpheus and what is there left for a woman to say after Achmatova? Here and there traces of ink: your forbidden unrhymed poems. I didn't remember them, they altered only my metabolism. Enough poetry. Give me a sip of your cup of coffee without sugar. I know you're guzzling dry water now too Translated bz Chantal Wright.

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Dein zielloses Umherirren, deine Visionen, das Rufen des Lebens zehrten dich aus, weil sie nur Weg waren. Hier und da Spuren von Tinte: deine verbotenen ungereimten Gedichte. Schluss mit der Poesie. Gib mir einen Schluck aus deiner Tasse Kaffee ohne Zucker. By the sea in Heiligendamm in June, the water, gigantic, silver, eats up skin and spits out naked bodies. Between the lakes, to the north, the sun yields of its own volition, the way only the south can yield, the birches darken in amazement. By the river, to the east, pearls ripen in fig hearts, amber-colored resignation, and the pebbles shine.

With hope - that dirty word - here, between fences and shores. Who draws eyes and eyebrows who makes no incisions, gentle, luminous, who burns, who can't burn out. Who swings like a bird, who flies away from the face of the traveler. He's going east. Tender fire, I caress you, I am still alive. No trace of ash or thirst. You are a child's drawing sun Translated by Chantal Wright. Zeichnest Augen und Augenbrauen, stichst nichts aus, sanft, leuchtend, brennst, kannst nicht ausbrennen. Schwingst wie ein Vogel, fliegst vom Gesicht des Fahrenden ab. Zartes Feuer, ich liebkose dich, noch lebe ich.

Keine Spur Asche oder Durst. Eine Kinderzeichnung bist du Sonne. The window at the front and right of my compartment reflects the scene on the left at my rear. I can see what is passing superimposed on what is coming, and it is as though the light likes this game, irrespective of where the sun is, or where the train is heading. Im Fenster vorn rechts in meinem Abteil spiegelt sich das linke hintere Bild. We met nowhere but we always wanted to have breakfast, smell the early morning coffee, get acquainted.

A little extra foam. Seduction at the rim. A creamy tornado builds in a cup, a lone black stripe at the center espresso, express, French press? We age faster than we think. Attemptation of union, an advance on wished-for dreams. We can conceive of orgasms, even experience some that never took place - those where peoples pass constitutions in a collective frenzy. And you charm me into inhabiting new places. July 25, , PM to PM. August 8, , PM to PM. September 5, , PM to PM. October 3, , PM to PM. November 7, , PM to PM. December 5, , PM to PM. For us at the DAAD, connecting people to facilitate new networks and consolidate existing ones is one of our main tasks.

Ten scholars from the fields of Bioscience, Environmental science, Computer science, Engineering and other subject areas we selected to begin their doctoral training in Germany from October, Show all news. The DAAD supports such international partnerships through a number of schemes that aim to foster cooperation among higher education institutions. In the eyes of the DAAD, the end of a funding period marks the beginning of a long-standing relationship with us.

We aim to stay in touch with our alumni as well as help you get to know one another through a serious of programmes and activities. We also support you in setting up regional DAAD alumni clubs and other forms of networking opportunities. Address: 30, Kakramadu Road, Cantonments Accra. E-Mail: info daad-ghana.

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Located at Goethe Institut, Cantonments, Accra. Scholarships available! The Goethe University in Frankfurt is seeking outstanding candidates for its M. A degree from a university outside of Germany and a passion for research are mandatory. We give you the chance to gain knowledge in different aspects of current research. From Economics to Polymer Science, we allow you to broaden your academic and professional skills. Fight climate change and energy poverty with sustainable energy management skills!

A quarterly e-newsletter informing about DAAD scholarship programmes, higher education cooperation with Ghana among others Navigation Service navigation English Deutsch. How to apply for a student visa Webinar on student visa requirements and application process The webinar offers students the opportunity to get to know more about student visa procedures, requirements and the application process. Prepare your study journey to Germany Freshmen Session Join this session as prospective student to get help on your visa process, finding accomodation and meet and network with others preparing their study journeys in Germany.

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University Cooperation University Cooperation German universities, like most universities around the world, maintain a broad network of international partnerships. Finding Scholarships I am from Ghana. I am from Germany. Further options.

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DAAD funding programmes only. Advanced search.

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Scholarship Search. July Good afternoon, We are happy to announce our new upcoming webinar on student visa requirements and application process in cooperation with the visa section of the German Embassy. After a short introduction about studying in Germany, the head of the visa section will present basic information on the student visa procedures. Afterwards, students will have the opportunity to ask open and unanswered questions.

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Register now to be part of this Webinar! We are happy about the fruitful results of this DAAD Alumni conference and are looking forward to more of such events! DAAD Ghana After starting the event on Saturday with Keynotes on Sustainable Development Goals, the afternoon session was all about the structure of a future framework for a German-Ghanaian alumni network here in Ghana. In the future the Alumni network will be organized by regional ambassadors in four different zones throughout Ghana.

We are happy and grateful about the fruitful results of this DAAD Alumni conference and are looking forward to more of such events! June We are happy to be part of this exciting project at the UDS! Did you ever wanted to know what a professors selection criteria are? Or how you have to address him successfully? Register now! The event will start at 12 noon, is free of charge and completely online.

What postdoc opportunities are offered in Germany? How can I find such a position and what about the costs?