The Black Lab Who Couldnt Swim

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One more thing, we also experienced her mood to be much better after the swim and the following day. She seems happier, so I am really glad we found you and are doing this for Beau. You have a very strong and very lovingly gentle way of working with her, it's great to see what you do and serves to teach us better how to handle her also. You are truly an amazing person. We feel so lucky to have found you this summer. We will definitely keep in touch. Your patience and kindness are really quite special.

You will always have a special place in our hearts. Everyone is noticing, she's coming out of her shell and hasn't wanted to nip at anyone in more than a week and a half and there have been a lot of people in the house! Cocker Spaniel Harry is nurtured while being securely introduced to his pool, swimming safely and also learns to be more at ease around the water. One day he may even like swimming! PooChin Sammi happily learns how to swim safely and well I might add, and how to enter and exit the pool properly. Black Lab. Aqua Dog Strong Swimmer Record!

Swim on Middy! Dachshund Mini Penny getting rehabbed from a ruptured disc surgery in warm water in winter. Border Collie Mix Marley swims with full range of motion and non-weight bearing, to help Rehab. Marley was completely shot. Knocked out in the middle of the room. Snoring and the whole bit. That was a good workout! Border Collie Mix Fergus swims to keep arthritis from past elbow surgeries at bay and to have an outlet for extra energy release. A tired dog is a good dog. We would be honored to have him on your wall of fame!

She will continue lessons so she can hopefully live up to her name! She is just so darn cute slipping out of her Life Preserver I just had to share this! Mixed Breed Katie gets the creaks out of her knee and kinks out of her back a little Reiki and full range, low resistance, warm water, one-on-one, private swim time usually away from her little sister! One day he may actually swim in the bay with his daddy!

Beautiful Belle Ms. She is looking forward to running around East Hampton with her sister. Joy has also learned to enjoy retrieving her toys from the deep end and swimming laps with her family in their pool which really helps with her arthritis from a past hip surgery!

Tips For Teaching Your Dog How To Swim

When we first came to you, Joy was unable to jump in the car or to play frisbee with me - her favorite thing in all the world, so she must have been in great pain. Since you've been working with her, she jumps around like she did three years ago. By getting the weight off her legs in the pool and helping her to stretch and use those important muscles, you have given her an unexpected quality of life at this late age. Thank you for all you've done to give us more good times with our sweet Joy. Aqua Dog way- swimming! He is learning to swim against the current to safely TRY to tire him out!

Hearing impaired Border Collie Mix Molly is getting her ya-ya's out and receiving Reiki to help calm her so she can find comfort being quiet in the quiet. Look how regal she looks! Swim Pepper swim! Gorgeous Golden Boy Max keeps young at heart, mind and body as an S. Aqua Dog Tennis Ball Retriever! She even gets to enjoy her favorite ball time in a controlled, safe swim.

She is a special girl who doesn't quit! Handsome Yellow almost white Lab Duke, rejuvenates from the aftermath of years of food motivated adventures!

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Aqua Dog Spa in the warm and cold weather. You truly are a dog's best ally Soft as cotton, Coton de Tulear Henri swims his little heart out to rehab his torn ACL post surgery and get some pent up energy out! Adorable, un-cropped and un-docked, rescued Schnauzer- mini Nicolette Safe Swims to learn how to enter and exit the pool safely just in case she gets carried away hunting frogs poolside! You're a good sport Baxter! Yellow Lab Buddy swims to rehab his front leg fracture and fused bone chip and to safely release his extra energy.

A tired dog is a good dog and hopefully healthier dog. Buddy is a good sweet boy. He seems happier too! It is miraculous this hydrotherapy! Pekingese Cleo swims for rejuvenation to keep her young at heart and spry at her own spa by the sea! Mixed Breed Amelia swam at the warm water, enclosed, S. Aqua Dog Spa in the cooler weather cuz her bay was too cold for such a warm-hearted girl. Cleopatra, Queen of East Hampton, asserts her royalty poolside at S. She saved Shelby from a very expensive and risky surgery She said "Wow, she is a beautiful creature! She was so thrilled to see the whole process.

Thank you Randy. You are one in a million :. Swimming to get toys to hopefully tire him out! Portuguese Water Dog Joy learns to like her water 'genes' and swim to alleviate a stiff arthritic hip! We have enjoyed seeing her progression and being in your company".

Super sweet Cocker Spaniel Sunny swims like a natural to help his neurological condition, strengthen and gain muscle mass and try to keep atrophy away! Luscious lashed SCW Terrier pup Sydney learns Safe Swimming and retrieving too- woo-hoo while rehabbing, recouping and releasing pent up energy, post op.

Independent minded, my kinda girl, Mixed Breed Casey brings out the Newfy in her, swimming to rehab from a dislocated hip, you go girl! Mixed Breed sweet Honey Bee swims to try to get the sting out of her torn ACL and keep surgery at bay so she can keep buzzing along the beach. Weimaraner Clutch swimming and retrieving a tennis ball to rehab after ACL surgery, go dog go!

Yellow Lab Smiling Shelly swimming to help relieve joint calcification, arthritis and torn ACL's-phew, yet she still smiles! Thank you! He had a ball and is now swimming a little bit in the ocean! Largest Lab tongue ever! Big Boy Benson continues on the family tradition of swimming at S. Aqua Dog while the newest addition Jackson cheers him on! Looking very regal even though a little nervous for her first swim, she was a good sport and a very sweet, good natured girl!! Mixed Breed, blind, deaf, surprisingly confident, super smart, sweet and smiley Dakota AKA Houdini figures out every way to get out of a life preserver!

Mixed Breed, blind, deaf, amazingly calm, and cuddly Parker surprises us with his comfort in the water even if not thrilled about swimming. Mixed Breed, Momma's boy, Cooper swims like a pro but prefers the treats and spa life, to rehab a torn ACL post surgery while his half brother Cody looks on. His recovery is well on its way and we have you to thank for that. If you ever need a reference from us we'd be more than happy to give you glowing remarks!

The fact that Cooper gave you lots of kisses, is the only proof we need to know that he enjoyed his time spent with you in the pool. Thanks again for everything! We will keep in touch to schedule more swimming for next summer. Aqua Dog has had the honor to swim with, remains cool even in the midst of a heat wave! He launches off the steps and retrieves like a good Golden Retriever and Poodle would do! What an adorable Doodle!

Where's the Ball? Black Lab Roxy had a ball, safely getting her ball crazy out in the S. She's on the ball! Chesapeake Bay Ret. Jack gets a landlubbers massage to help work out all the creaks and get some relief from his Osteoarthritis so he can keep on swimming and retrieving. Randy is remarkable, she has passion and a gift She worked on my Chesapeake Capt. Jack who was having severe nerve pain in his hind quarters, and for over a month now he has been back to normal and ready for duck season. One more treatment I think Randy, just to pamper him!

Thanks for everything" His attitude has changed dramatically about his hind quarters, and he now will let me pet him there, where only recently he was very sensitive about it. I don't know what you did, but it sure seems to have made a dramatic difference Belgian Sheep Dog Chartu gets a soothing massage fit for a king to help relieve his arthritis after years of ruling the beach. Tibetian Tibetian Terrier Tiger gets a Therapeutic Massage to help ease him and he gets a little extra loving at the S.

Aqua Dog Spa. Tibetian Tibetian Terrier puppy Oscar gets a relaxing massage to see what it is like just for the fun of it lucky dog! Shih Tzu Lucky is living up to his good fortune name! Here he is getting hydrotherapy to rehab from a disc surgery, in warm water on a cold fall day, all while licking his lips for more dogOdog treats:.

Adorable Australian Shepherd Pup Lexi get acclimated to swimming to help rehab from a past ACL tear repair and gets to work on loosing a little around the middle and have some special one on one time too! Sweet Marley swims to clean out the cob webs and stay young at heart, mind and body. Go Marley girl go! Well mannered Weimaraner Heidi calmly swims to rejuvenate her hind legs and get some non-weight bearing exercise. Wild eyed Weimaraner Toldi frantically swims to retriever tennis balls and get his yah-yahs out in a healthy way while his dog tired sister looks on.

Silly boy. Bouncy Black Lab Darcy learns how to safely get in and out of the pool and practices how to keep his back end bouncing up instead of below: , so adorable!

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Calm, cool and collected Mixed breed Darla shows her sister how it is done! A natural swimmer but prefers to be a lap dog or a cocktail table, pretty girl! Afgan Hound Elizabeth is not happy about looking like a wet mop or the wire in her wrist from surgery. She was a good sport about swimming for rehab and had the most amazing non wet dog smell, kinda like flowers! Get well soon Elizabeth! The cutest Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Henry retrieves tennis balls larger than he can fit in his mouth like a pro!

His zest for sport is hard to match, rehabbing his shoulder should help him get back in the game! Sweet, sweet, sweet, Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier Milton learns how to swim calmly and find more ease in and around the water especially if his daddy is near and has the goods, one day he may even be a water dog! Shy and sweet as sugar, serene, mini Poodle Snowy, gets some hydrotherapy to rehab post op. Such a good little trooper, swim Snowy swim! Beautiful shinny coated Black Lab Mix Mick swims like a rock star once he gets rid of the stage fright to help rehab his rear leg, rock on Jagger!

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Momma's boy Cocker Spaniel Popichulo "learns" to like retrieving a tennis ball while swimming with our touching the bottom, which really wasn't so bad after all! Learning to be a Momma's boy, retrieve AND to swim safely! He was happy, all wet for his first swim session! Adorable, Teddy bear like Pippina drinks in all that S. Aqua Dog Spa has to offer especially the water and treats! What a good sport! You would never know it by the smile on her face, but Chessy a mixed breed is rehabbing, post op. We are hoping hydrotherapy will be a safe, non-weight bearing way to get her ya ya's out as she rebuilds- slowly key word:!

Rescued from Puerto Rico, a Satos Dog, Mixed Breed Duke is such a sweet little trooper as he gets hydrotherapy for rehab post-op from a Spinal surgery for ruptured discs. He shows us how well his little legs can more in the water without having to bare his weight.

Bueno Duke from Puerto Rico!

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She is a good natured, natural in the water even though she wasn't much of a swimmer before she got here, swim Rosie swim! Yellow Lab Hero lives up to his name as he conquers his fear of paws not touching the bottom while swimming, to ease his arthritic aches and pains. So relaxed at the end he was falling asleep! Welsh Corgi Elvis keeps his namesake spirit alive melting girls hearts with his sweet nature and good looks. In return hydrotherapy will help his back so he doesn't have to sing the Corgi blues!

Labradoodle Sailor already an energetic, strong swimmer prefers freestyle and has more interest in her beau Alberto and his toys than me and mine. I get it, you are an independent, free spirit like me! Swim free good girl! Poodle Mini Danny Boy has the luck of the Irish! He was adopted by a loving momma who wants to take him everywhere even paddle boarding with her! So Danny Boy is at S. Aqua Dog Spa fine tuning his swimming skills, learning safe swim practices and building his confidence to keep up with her! Lucky boy! Mixed breed Zak- sweet, loveable boy, loves his new world yet swimming in a pool not so much!

We hope to help his sunny disposition shine in the water too, or at least learn how to get in and out safely while getting a workout with Randy to boot! Shine Zak Shine! German Shepherd Wettle is such a good sweetheart of a girl as she gets over her dislike of water and swims beautifully to help keep the symptoms of DM away. Chocolate Lab Baron- shows me how strong he is after undergoing surgery for a broken leg, broken back vertebrae and MRSA virus! He swims like a fish and retrieves like a real Lab! Now if we can only get him to take it slow- ha-ha!

Yellow Lab Chase- a very happy, playful pup learns how to enter the water and swim! He is so smart he instinctive knows how to retrieve and return the ball to me all while rehabbing his sore shoulder and working out his wildness! Yahoo Chase! Australian Shepherd Briscoe- a puppy faced gentleman, with the most beautiful coat, tries on swimming for size.

Let's see if this is the fit to help build some strength in his ole rear legs. Yellow Lab Mix Nala- full of unique personality smiles for the camera to get her cherished treats! Already a water dog she learns the ropes of controlled hydrotherapy with Randy to get help with her hip dysplasia.

What a sweet girl! Yellow Lab Gabby swims like she loves it, cuz she does! A genuine water loving, ball retrieving Lab! Hydrotherapy for the torn tendon in her ankle should be a piece a of cake or handful of dog treats in this case and fun to boot and off with the boot!!! Go Gabby Go! Rhodesian Ridgeback Ahni, is thinking how do I get that treat and get out of here! Not everybody loves swimming. Ahni shows us that even with a neurological condition, nothing is gonna slow her down!

German Shepherd Cesar, lives up to his great name and has the disposition that is even greater. He is receiving hydrotherapy to help him lose weight, gain strength, endurance and rehab from ACL and spine issues to bring him back to his grandeur! You will rule this Cesar! Duck Tolling Retriever Colin burns up his abundant energy safely swimming to rehab his torn shoulder ligaments. He even duck dives for a fish toy, what a retriever!

My Labrador won’t swim!

His mom was right he really did wanna swim even in the deep end! So you see you really can teach an older dog new tricks!!! Yeah Duncan, so proud of you! Standard Poodle Romeo amazes the doctors with his progress moving his front leg, rehabbing from Radial paralysis from an accident.

He also gets his pent up energy out safely swimming and playing with me in his beautiful backyard therapeutic salt water pool! Lucky me and with hopefully more luck we will keep the forward progress going along with weight-less leaps and bounds! Weekly attendance at lessons last summer was around 11,, she said. For children in the city, how loud is too loud? Apps can help identify quiet spaces.

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The black guy who can't float: why I finally (almost) learned to swim

It will take , members this year for great news and programs to thrive. Like many siblings, Lulu, 13, and Ibrahim, 11, have a competitive streak. Jabbie has been attending lessons for two years. David Zhou left , a junior at the University of Pennsylvania, teaches children how to swim on March 23, Zhou has been a swim instructor with We Can Swim for three years. Ibrahim Jabbie, 11, gets help with breathing under water from swim instructor Kelsey Majam, University of Pennsylvania sophomore, at We Can Swim lessons on March 30, Zhou is an Economics major and has been a swim instructor with We Can Swim for three years.

Children file out of the swimming pool after attending lessons with We Can Swim at the University of Pennsylvania on March 23, Share this Facebook Twitter Email. Part of the series.